Sometimes, Fairness is Overrated

I hope I’m many things as a coach. Energetic. Understanding. Compassionate. Unfair. You heard me. Unfair. Because when I hear those words during practice, from the kids I love and teach and protect … “Coach, this isn’t fair!“ I know the learning’s begun. In my practices, we play small-sided games. Three against three. Four against four. No scrimmages. No full-field soccer.Continue reading “Sometimes, Fairness is Overrated”

How’s a dad tell how he’s doing? Only time will tell.

I’m a dad. I’m a coach. I’m many other things – some happy, some comical, some up for debate – but those two constants, dad and coach, really hold all strings attached to the hands typing this. Time means something different to me, as a dad. I’m not always in a rush. That’s not toContinue reading “How’s a dad tell how he’s doing? Only time will tell.”

5 for Friday: 👩‍🏫 Things teachers have said to me I’ll never forget

Teachers. Who’s going to build the long overdue hall of fame for you? Your encouragement leads to new discoveries. To finding inner strength. To believe. Often, in ourselves. Teachers, your words resound in us, regardless of whether we acknowledge it. Sometimes, wisdom is in your simple honesty. Whether it’s a plea to realize our potential, pull awayContinue reading “5 for Friday: 👩‍🏫 Things teachers have said to me I’ll never forget”

Meditations (or random rants and babbling? who can tell) for dads

When you watch your kids sleep, and feel a kinship Discovery Channel scientist who’s just approached a large, carnivorous just-tranquilized animal, it’s completely justified. That uneasy feeling you get when animated TV shows come on with mature themes and innuendo humor come on with the kids in the room, that causes you to change theContinue reading “Meditations (or random rants and babbling? who can tell) for dads”

5 blogs to definitely check out.

So, I once covered a cycling event for a newspaper. I knew nothing about cycling. I do know something about people, though, so I spoke with the cyclists as though they were people. Novel concept, I know.

Hispanic, Unemployed, and Yet, Republican

  Every day feels like Saturday, y’all. I feel like I’m 4. Or 94. I miss appointments. Forget which day the pool is closed. I could watch Price Is Right every day. (Not Saturday or Sunday, but I won’t know that until I try and tune it in and find Danger Rangers or This Week WithContinue reading “Hispanic, Unemployed, and Yet, Republican”

Five for Friday: Movies to watch with your kids when mom isn’t lookin’

I’ll buy chips for my kids on the way home from soccer practice. Allow them to wrestle and chase each other. In the grocery store. Look the other way when they throw a little swagger in their soccer game. I’m a little funny, though, when it comes to movies.  My oldest is 14. She can watch PG-13Continue reading “Five for Friday: Movies to watch with your kids when mom isn’t lookin’”

5 For Friday: 5 things I hate

I’m usually one to love. Write about love. Loving things. But like vegetables, shin splints, and the Los Angeles Dodgers, love can’t exist without a dose or three of hate. “Leave hate for Hitler,” I like to say. (OK, I don’t say it, yet, but I heard it in a movie, and it sounded cool.)Continue reading “5 For Friday: 5 things I hate”

10 things my girls should always remember.

Hey girls. I think of advice constantly for you three, but at all the wrong times. You know, while you’re asleep, or when I’m in traffic, or while I stand deep in thought at the urinal. So, I’ll do what any reasonable dad in 2012 would do – I’ll write it as a blog post.Continue reading “10 things my girls should always remember.”

Things a dude must give up at ages 20, 30, and 40

Men, we do enough to make ourselves look silly. We wear fedoras, even though we’re not direct descendants of Vince Lombardi, in Justin Timberlake’s close circle of friends, or play bass in a really cool band, for instance. We pick fights at youth soccer or baseball games. We Grow a soul patch or wear skinnyContinue reading “Things a dude must give up at ages 20, 30, and 40”