Sunday Reads No. 1: Routines, Reviews, and Roadblocks


I wish I had more time to read.

I wish I had more time for other things, too. Like, watching Elizabeth Banks commercials, or melting cheese on anything, or eating cheese with Elizabeth Banks. I somehow manage, during times I should be doing other things, to read a little every day.

(Don’t tell my boss.)

Actually, tell my boss. Reading’s essential to be a writer. I think Stephen King or Steph Curry said that once. Lots of my blogging friends put together a list of favorites every week, and I’m honored they have the misguided tendency to include me sometimes.

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Where We’d Take an Alien, in 6 Words

ET stormtrooper alien

When I was a kid, I wanted to be friends with Elliott.

6 words graphicHe’s the boy who befriended E.T. in the movie. He just seemed like the kind of kid I would like to hang out with. Looking back, I believe I probably admired his loyalty and courage in all that happened when E.T. came to town.

Every month, I collect responses for a post I call 6 Words.

If you’ve been around here a while you know Ernest Hemingway inspired this idea when he said all stories could be told in six words. I ask friends, strangers, bloggers, and strange blogger friends to respond to a prompt, in six words.

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#AtoZChallenge: N is for the New Plan

stormtrooper r2d2 charge cord

What do you think of those Facebook memories things?

NCrazy, right? The damn site looks back at what you posted a year ago. It’s like finding a stormtrooper figure in the pocket of shorts you haven’t worn since last summer. Or, something. (This happened to me last week, I confess.)

Depending on the user and the posts, they’re also a peek into our former selves – or current selves, if we’re still in the same currents.

Spring’s often been a time of loss for me, and only sometimes could I blame another slow start from my beloved Rockies. (Who are in first place at the time of this hacking, I might add.)  It’s also, then, a time of renewal, right? If we’re looking with a positive light?

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Guest Post: Ashley of Post-grad Jitters, on the Love of the Game


Today’s post is one of the shortest ever on Coach Daddy.

guest postIt’s definitely the shortest guest post. It’s from Ashley Mahoney, a fellow sports writer. She conveys a love of soccer so succinctly, she doesn’t need 600 words.

Ashley and I cover the Carolina Panthers. She for the Charlotte Post, me for the Associated Press. She reminds me of myself, in a lot of ways. Some not-so-obvious ways. See, when I was her age, I was the young reporter on the NFL beat.

You feel like you’re trying to run with the big dogs in the press box and locker room. Your paper might not have the circulation, but you’re trying to make a splash. It’s why you covered volleyball on your college paper and everything.

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Guest Post: 3 Quotes, 3 CDs, 3 Books For My Kids, by Ashley of Confessions of A Working Mum

photo credit: Pocket-Trumpet_web via photopin (license)
photo credit: Pocket-Trumpet_web via photopin (license)

Our blogs are like our confessionals.

guest postTo some, it’ll take more rosaries to serve penance than others. Not naming names here. Today’s guest blogger is Ashley. She writes The Confessions of a Working Mum, and it kind of sounds scandalous, doesn’t it?

Only Ashley isn’t that scandalous.

Sorry guys. But she is thankful, reflective, and an excellent writer. Mum to one and one on the way, she shares photos and quotes and thoughts from the perspective so  many of you know – as a working mum. Or mom, wherever you might be.

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