Guest Post: Megan of Walker Fireside Chats, on What it Means to be a Red Raider

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc
photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc

It’s almost football season, y’all.

For the second time since The Corrs released “Breathless,” I, as a UNC Charlotte alum, have a football season to deal with. It’s dreamy, really. It’s hard to believe we actually have a team. (And we’ll take on the Fightin’ Camels of Campbell University in eight days!)

The Charlotte 49ers’ football history is shorter in duration than my junior-year experience. We were a commuter campus without a lot of pride in who we were. That’s changing. Still, I don’t know the full experience of campus pride.

Luckily, my friends do. I’ve already hosted Deb from Deb Runs, who shared what it’s like to be a Hokie. It made me well up with pride, and simultaneously crave a turkey leg. Strange, that. But if Arkansas fans can host a pig pickin’ … (Sorry, Bacon Thompson).

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Guest Post: Bacon from Pig Life on La Vida Chancho

CGP art
CGP art

Ok, so I have done my fair share of guest posts in my day and even guest posted on Eli’s Coach Daddy blog in the past myself, here.

However, I have never quite guested as the lead in for a much bigger and grander character in my life.

Yet, when Eli asked me to indeed guest pitch hit for him on his week off, I just couldn’t say no.  First off, I adore him so and would do anything for the man (come on, who wouldn’t?).

Second, I also just enjoy his blog to the heavens.  It is one of the first I read on my morning blog reading quest, because his blog is witty, clever and never misses a beat for both men and women alike!

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My 3 Favorite Toys as a Kid


Some of us never really grow up.

My kids know this about me. It’s said about many dads, really. But, it’s more than just making fart noises (with your mouth) and misbehaving in church. It’s holding fast to some of the things that connect us to our actual childhoods. Much of this is intangible.

Some of it is tangible.

My new friend Bacon Thompson, who puts a split hove to the blog Pig Love, asked followers to share their favorite toys from childhood. My (I won’t call her old) friend Michele from Old Dog, New Tits (I said it) asked for a post with a number in the title.

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