What Would Your Kids Pack for Snacks?

photo credit: Pumkin Duty via photopin (license)
photo credit: Pumkin Duty via photopin (license)

Man cannot live by animal cracker alone.

Kids either. This goes for potato chips, chocolate, junk-food cereal and fast food. Between soccer matches and practice and school and Target runs, it’s easy to hit a drive-thru or snack up at the QT for a jumbo soda and a donut.

When you’re a stellar soccer girl (or her dad), though, it’s the healthier snacks that’ll keep you fueled.

With help from nuts.com, I let the girls put together their own fantasy snack pack to keep in their soccer bags. Preferably, in a pouch on the other end from their shin guards. There’s a ton of goodness on this site. And a little bit of heaven.

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