On the Road Again: This Time, at Home on Deranged

photo credit: Pink Storm Cloud via photopin (license)
photo credit: Pink Storm Cloud via photopin (license)

GUEST POST GRAPHICAll this talk about beauty in women lately … it’s knocked things like pizza and baseball right off the radar lately here on the CD.

Today is more of the beautiful same. I”m at Home on Deranged today. Melissa Swedoski asked me right after the Super Bowl about those #LikeAGirl ads. Heady stuff. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

Then go to Home on Deranged and check out my guest post. Stick around, too. If you haven’t read Melissa’s blog yet,  you should. She’s like me, a survivor of the newspaper industry, and always has kick-ass giveaways going on.

See you there! [Here’s the link]

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#BOAW: How a Boy Sees the Beauty of a Woman

photo credit: #10/366 The Giving of Flowers via photopin (license)

Sometimes a dude talks to a woman just to talk to a woman.

beauty codeHonest. I watched the kids on the playground with a mom years ago. Idle talk. How old’s yours? That’s a fun age. Yeah. Mine’s older. That’s her. Yeah, the one hanging by her toes and singing P!nk songs. Sure, I’m proud – and surprised.

It was an AC/DC day this morning.

My toe hanger manager to sneak off the bars and ambled to my elbow. She stood breathless, hands on hips, like an Olympian waiting for the judges’ reaction to that. She sized up the young mom at my side.

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