Guest Post: Katherine, of Welcome to the Nursery, on How Her Kids are Slowly Destroying Their House

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Want to know if a guy is a parent?

guest postTake a look at his face, his car, or his home. All will have sustained some degree of damage in the process of fatherhood. Worry lines, spray stains on the ceiling of his car, and a host of tell-tales in his place of residence.

Busted furniture, chipped wall paint, crayon marks on … everything. Markers, too, and stray bits of strawberry, Goldfish crackers, and even beef jerky, in a man’s car, behind a man’s couch, and stuck in a man’s hair.  That’s just the beginning, as any of you who parent know.

Katherine writes a blog called Welcome to the Nursery.

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I Didn’t Die From Writing a Post About a Book I’m in Called ‘But Did You Die?’


I’m just not good at some stuff.

Some stuff you know about. You know, portion control and getting my hair cut at regular intervals. Okay, and there’s that keeping-your-car-clean thing, too. I’m also not good at promoting a book that I have a small part in.

And it’s a book an author who knows her way around the New York Times best-seller list has compiled, with a ton of marquee names.

The book is But Did You Die: Setting the Parenting Bar Low, and it features names many of you know. Jen Mann of the blog People I Want to Punch in the Throat has compiled a series of New York Times Best Sellers in the series I Just Want to Pee Alone.

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What an Invisible Civilization Would Learn About Us, in 6 Words

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I’m the king of the assinine question.

6 words graphic“What if Jeeps cost a nickel?” I asked my college friend, Bobby Keith – while we both were still in college. “I’d buy many Jeeps,” he answered. “What if packs of gum were $5,000?” I followed with. “Then I wouldn’t chew any gu – where the hell do you come up with this??” he asked.

Fair enough question.

The six words question for March isn’t asinine – but it is unusual. It comes from a wonderful source of thought-provoking questions from #Q4KIDZ. Grace and I have both contributed to the question pot, which spits one out daily for you and your kids.

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Guest Post: Tianna, of Storybook Apothecary, on Books She’d Share With the World

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The beauty of Tianna’s blog is far more than skin deep.

guest postStorybook Apothecary is a beauty blog, that goes far deeper than concealers and eye pencils (I might or might not have checked one of her posts to procure actual examples of makeup things. I’m a dad of three girls, but I’m no expert.)

Tianna’s words and wisdom extend to wellness and life at large.

We crossed paths on a blog linkup, ideal conditions for a Gen X dad blogger and a millennial beauty blogger to share some space. She’s a reader and a thinker and you’ll love the way she has about her writing, as I do.

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Go Ask Daddy About Sponsorship Deals, Light-up Skyscrapers and the meaning of LMAO

photo credit: #61/366 Help Standing via photopin (license)
photo credit: #61/366 Help Standing via photopin (license)

This post isn’t sponsored.

GAD GRAPHICEndorsements find their way into every other bit of life, though. The girls cannot wear Adidas to practice because Nike sponsors our club. My former club went from Puma to Under Armor, and out went all that old gear. (Puma suited me better, by the way.)

In NASCAR, everything has sponsorship attached.

I’ve told the tales of my early days at Friday and Saturday night short tracks in North Carolina. I hoped the night’s sponsor made food. If they did, I ate. If not? Well, one Friday, I could have a free Wix filter if I wanted it.

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#Q4KIDZ II: My Girls Sound Off On Auto Design, Nature Noises and Mind Reading

photo credit: Sony RX1 sample 1 via photopin (license)
photo credit: Sony RX1 sample 1 via photopin (license)

Lately, I’ve been the one asking the girls questions, too.

Q4kidzFor more than a month, the girls and I have played along with a service called Q4KIDZ, from the organization Parents Together. Sign up, and you get daily questions by email or text to ask your kids.

It went so well last time, it’s now a monthly feature.

Here’s what the kids had to say to a few prompts in July. Apologies that the girls’ sketches don’t accompany their stellar answers this time. Two are off on a camping trip, and it’s an awful lot of pressure to put on the one who stayed behind.

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New Year’s Wishes, in 6 Words

photo credit: Stéfan via photopin cc
photo credit: Stéfan via photopin cc

See ya next year.

6 words graphicCouldn’t help it. It’s just the kid in me, and it’s been especially on display lately. This edition of Six Words has to do with wishes for the new year. With all the diets and life plans, we’re taking charge of the season of resolutions and turning new leaves.

But wishes still have a spot in the madness.

Every month, I compile a post called “6 Words.” Hemingway inspired it when he said any story can be told in a six-word sentence. I ask bloggers, friends, strangers, and a few strange blogger friends to respond to a prompt.

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My Plan to Get My Girls Hooked on Books

photo credit: Super Furry Librarian via photopin cc
photo credit: Super Furry Librarian via photopin cc

The girls don’t think it’s cool to read.

Sad isn’t it? These kids’ parents read to them every night. With expression. And voices. Lots and lots of voices. So what gives? Why believe there’s no such thing as a good book? Should I blame Disney Channel? Vine?

Apps that allow you to spin your mental wheels without getting anywhere?

This is what happens when the school makes kids read books they don’t like. During summer vacation. What if we did this … What if … we let the kids read … whatever they wanted to read?

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If you get a Chance to Spend Black Friday with a Toucan … Take it

toucan1 crop

Ever spent Black Friday with a toucan?

I have.

I should mention I thought the toucan was a parrot. Toucans probably get ticked when you make that assumption. I should also mention this was not the wee hours of Black Friday, when folks in Walmart are tossing roundhouses and uppercuts over flatscreens and Xboxes.

This was Black Friday afternoon – in the relative aftermath of such American doltery.

It wasn’t your average toucan. It was Grace, in a full-body toucan costume. We’d envisioned – when we both thought the costume was a parrot – we’d walk around the mall someday, me dressed as a pirate, she as a parrot.

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A Coach’s Lesson, in 6 Words

photo credit: icedsoul photography .:teymur madjderey via photopin cc
photo credit: icedsoul photography .:teymur madjderey via photopin cc

You can learn a lot from a coach.

Not all of it’s good. I remember a frustrated soccer coach who slammed his notebook to the turf after our team scored, then barked out the F word.

Marie, then playing U8 soccer, turned to me, mouth open slightly, and blinked several times. I swear a light bulb illuminated above her head.

Thanks, coach.

Many other lessons are far less R-rated. Well, some.

As the third installment of the 6 Words series, I asked bloggers, readers and strangers to sum up a lesson learned from a coach. And by coach, I mean anything from your football coach to your yoga instructor to a life coach. I think I even have some ballerina stuff in the mix.


photo credit: HenryFigueroa via photopin cc
photo credit: HenryFigueroa via photopin cc

Ernest Hemingway asserted that you could tell any story in six words.

So, here’s your story.

1. “I can’t is not an option.”

Nicole G., author of Work in Sweats Mama blog

2. “Mess up? Keep smiling, no problem.”

Erica, author of Nannypology blog

3. “You were right. You ARE terrible!”

Leslie P.

4. “Girls can protect chests in soccer!”

Leslie B., author of Time out for Mom blog

5. “Teamwork and dedication equal great success.”

Marcia, author of Menopausal Mother blog

6. “Keep your eye on the ball.”

Jamie J., author of Kreyv blog

7. “Get your head in the game!”

Christy W., author of Sol Seeker blog

141100 - Wheelchair tennis David Hall serves - 3b - 2000 Sydney match photo

8. “Do not underestimate your second serve!”

Letizia, author of Reading Interrupted blog

9. “You go to first base FIRST!”

Elizabeth C., author of Elizabeth Collins blog

10. “Show them, and it will stick.”

Martha W., author of Martha Willis blog

11. “Never give up and keep trying!”

Susi K., author of Boca Frau blog

12. “Puke and rally. Puke and rally.”

Annelise R., author of Aunie Sauce blog

13. “Experienced coaching gets you there faster!”

Natalie B., author of Marigolds’ Loft blog

14. “Don’t just finish, give your best.”

Emma M., author of A Mom Runs This Town While Life Runs Her blog

15. “Your two speeds? Slow and reverse.”

Mary, author of A Teachable Mom blog

16. “It’s the taking part that counts.”

Gina F., author of A 4 Star Life blog

17. “Your strength is infinite. Use it.”

Rara, author of Rarasaur blog

18. “Worst thing to do: Give up.”

Sonya S., author of Swashbuckler’s Tales blog

19. “Every day can’t be your best.”

Sarah G., author of Courage 2 Run blog

20. “Keep your head in the game!”

Karen K., author of Karen’s Soiree blog

21. “Never give up … never give in!”

Becca L., author of My Crazy Good Life blog

Irene Nelson 5

22. “Life is transformed on your mat.”

Andra W., author of Accidental Coochie Mama blog

23. “Don’t step between two people fighting.”

Tina G., author of Enjoying the Unique Tastes of Life blog

24. “Forget everything, be true, just move.”

Britt S., author of A Physical Perspective blog

25. “There is no ‘I’ in team.”

Laura C.

26. “Motivation is more effective than degradation.”

Kristi B., author of Black Sheep Mom blog

27. “I don’t ‘try’ because I ‘do’.”

Tracy G., author of Crazy as Normal blog

28. “Ready, set, sit on the bench.”

Shannon T., author of Shannon A. Thompson blog

29. “”How it looks does not matter.”

Stacey N.

30. “You always win when having fun.”

Emily M.

31. “Fake it til you make it!”

Kristen D., author of Four Hens and a Rooster blog

32. “Stand tall. Remember to breathe. Sing.”

Kim, author of Copilot Mom blog

33. “Move forward and you won’t fail.”

Michelle C., author of Rage Your Way Thin blog

34. “It’s poor sportmanship to throw stuff.”

Amber M., author of Airing My Dirty Laundry One Post at a Time blog

35. “There is consolation in the hardship.”

Jenn S., author of Chicken Scratch blog

36. “You’re a waste of father’s sperm!”

Joyce L., author of Catch My Words blog

37. “”You can not eat a softball.”

Amy T.

38. “Throw the damn ball you idiot!”

Toby S., author of Dumbass News blog

39. “Give your all, all the time.”

Susan M., author of Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva blog

40. “Lay it all on the floor.”

Caitlin P., author of Crossroads of the Heart blog

41. “Hands steady, eyes focused, release – Bullseye.”

Kristan, author of Munchkin and Bean blog

42. “At the top, it’s all mental.”

Sarah, author of Journeys of the Zoo blog

43. “Do something, anything. Reflect. Try again.”

Stevie H., author of Joy in the Midst of blog

44. “Always believe in yourself, never quit.”

Mark W., author of Spirit Sounds blog

45. “If it’s not fun, don’t bother.”

Jen K., author of My Skewed View blog

46. “”Wear shorts. You can’t win? Distract.”

Court, author of Baking in my Bathing Suit blog

Cycling Time Trial effort

47. “Never quit and you’ll never fail.”

Lesley C., author of Bucket List Publications blog

48. “”Don’t panic and you will live.”

Elizabeth, author of Motherhood: A Descent Into Madness blog

49. “It takes strength to lose graciously.”

AnnMarie G., author of Tidbits from the Queen of Chaos blog

50. “Disappointment is a part of life.”

Michelle N., author of A Dish of Daily Life blog

51. “Life is opportunity, benefit from it!”

Teena P.

52. “Tennis isn’t just about hitting balls.”

Kate H., author of Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine with My Quiet Times blog

What would your six words be?