On the Road Again: This time, at a Dish of Daily Life


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In the waning moments of the Muleicorns’ 2-1 championship match victory – on my birthday, no less – I took a seat on the bench. To apologize.

That’s where one of my favorite players, Brittney, sat, most of the second half. In the flurry of activity of a scoreless half in a hotly-contested championship, I’d failed to recognize Brittney hadn’t gotten back into the game after we’d subbed her out.

“It’s OK coach, really,” she said with a smile that let me know she meant it.

I failed to give her a chance. She said she was happy to play on a winning team with girls she loved and a coach she kind of did, too. It was important to me to give her a chance to play. More than a chance. Many chances. And a chance to love this game a little more.

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Froggies? Fireworks? The Day of a Soccer Coach

photo credit: leg0fenris via photopin cc
photo credit: leg0fenris via photopin cc

My girls have each won soccer championships. They’ve each lost championships, too. Wins and losses? Believe it or not, they’re secondary in the journey.

Why coach? It won’t make me rich. Fame and acclaim? None. My club and recreation soccer positions aren’t my gateways to a gig leading U.S. Soccer into its next era.

It’s for moments. Moments that feel small at the time, but loom larger as time goes on.

Opportunities. Chances when character is revealed.

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