Something Fishy: Our Foray Into Fish Ownership


fish tale
photo credit: jing.dong via photopin cc

There’s something fishy going on around here.

No, this isn’t another post about Lance Armstrong, or lice. We’re past that. We’re talking goldfish. And I don’t mean the snack. It’s been just 48 hours of fish ownership, but it’s been a wild ride already.

It began with a movement.


Pleas to haul the tank out of the garage, scrub it, and fill it with gravel, plastic plants and fish. Camdyn begged me to research what it took to get a tank started. She posted lists everywhere: How often she’d feed them, and when, and how often she’d clean the tank.

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5 reasons a clutter-friendly car and a dad are a perfect fit


photo credit: First Order Stormtroopers via photopin (license)

When I clean out my car, I do it right.

And there’s always a backlash.

“I’m starving. Where are the snacks, daddy?”

“I’m cold! Where are your sweatshirts, daddy?”

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