Guest Post: Felicia of A Red Door Life

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Today’s guest post comes from Felicia, of A Red Door Life.

Felicia is like a lot of you – a busy mom, who relies on her faith and family every day. Her posts cover it all, from how homework sucks to 7 things to do when you feel underappreciated. Her posts will have you nodding in agreement.

She sums it up well on her About page, when she answers the question, why do you blog?

Blogging for me is a journey. I first started this blog as a way to get back in touch with whoI am and to figure out what God wanted out of me in life. Now it’s a way for me to share his love in the day to day moments. As far as niches go I fall into the personal lifestyle blogger. I love to talk about it all (remember I like to ramble), bible studies, cooking, crafting, diy, home making, life, living, and so much more. I post weekly to do list, menu plans, things you should read, and a ton of other things. Really to much to list here. I hope you enjoy your time behind my Red Door and the small peak in my life it brings.

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