No Matter How Fast You Grow, Never Forget Your Roots

East Pyne class room Princeton

When you hit publish on that first blog post, you often play to an empty room.

It’s OK, though. You’re all geeked about going live, all proud of the fresh banner you crafted on a free banner-making website, ready to line up the subscribers and readers and comments. But usually, those first 17 or so posts get the kind of lunch crowd Babu got on Seinfeld for his café.

That empty room gets more crowded over time.

You make a comment here, share someone’s post there, and your subscribers list grows. The couches are full, and you bring in a few folding chairs from the garage. Squeeze in, double up on the love seat. You see friends sign up for updates, and eventually, people you don’t even know.

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Something Fishy: Our Foray Into Fish Ownership


fish tale
photo credit: jing.dong via photopin cc

There’s something fishy going on around here.

No, this isn’t another post about Lance Armstrong, or lice. We’re past that. We’re talking goldfish. And I don’t mean the snack. It’s been just 48 hours of fish ownership, but it’s been a wild ride already.

It began with a movement.


Pleas to haul the tank out of the garage, scrub it, and fill it with gravel, plastic plants and fish. Camdyn begged me to research what it took to get a tank started. She posted lists everywhere: How often she’d feed them, and when, and how often she’d clean the tank.

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