Guest Post: Lisa of Susanna’s Apron Talks About Fostering Faith in Our Kids


“Why do we have to go to church?”

One of my girls has asked this. More than once. Did she know daddy was a Religious Studies minor in college? Blasphemous at it sounds, I’ve asked the same question. I wonder if a Sunday morning is better spent doing good than mumbling through Psalms and Old Testament lessons.

Ultimately, I think there’s good to be found in going to church, mostly in fellowship and stewardship.

Our church was recently closed. The diocese called the congregation together on a Wednesday night, told us we were troubled and in debt and not able to be saved, not even as a mission, and locked the doors for Sunday service. We’ve mostly found new church homes in places that have accepted us. But, how “good” are the people who take away someone’s church?

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5 For Friday: Why I Love Baseball

I love spring. Warm air and cool breezes. My annual death match with tree pollen.

And baseball. I love me some baseball.

As a Colorado Rockies fan, the hope of being just 1.5 games out of first place, and a summer of possibilities ahead is enough to sustain me. Spring is that time between my NCAA bracket’s implosion and the Rockies’ fall from postseason contention.

As a dad, some of my favorite moments have baseball undertones. We’re soccer players and soccer coaches in my family, but when the cleats come off, nothing beats a day at the ballpark.

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Five For Friday: The Ways I’ve Failed at Lent

photo credit: DocChewbacca Picnic at Ueno Park via photopin (license)

I’m kind of crappy at being Christian.

I have a lot of the New Testament stuff down pat. I often turn the other cheek. I love you all the way Jesus loves me. I really, really like parables. And Paul’s letters. The dude can write. The old-school stuff gets me, every time, though.

I wear a shirt and tie for Easter, get all reflective when we sing “Silent Night” at Christmas Eve mass, and back when I was a Catholic, I would eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday like a good disciple.

Some areas have proven troublesome for me, in my fifth official decade, B.C. I sometimes root against the New Orleans Saints and Notre Dame. I’d rather eat cookies and play disc golf after church than attend a committee meeting.

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5 for Friday: Have a question, kids? Just go ask daddy

photo credit: #123/366 via photopin (license)
photo credit: #123/366 via photopin (license)

The questions never cease.

The girls are on to me, and know that I’m busy jotting down what they ask.

So sometimes, I don’t jot. I just answer.

Other times, I jot, and I research, and I answer. Maybe it’s no coincidence that this happens to happen with the coolest of questions, such as …

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