When You Dish Out the Bull, You Get the Horns

longhorn lede
photo credit: Milking the galaxy, one cow at a time via photopin (license)

A dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do.

He’ll work overtime.

He’ll grill in the rain.

He’ll even wrestle a steer in the dust and blood of a Mooresville drive-through zoo if he needs to.

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I’m a bad dad. And a lousy coach.

photo credit: v_mats D16B2649-1 via photopin (license)

I believe the universe corrects itself.

Track races. Pennant races. Racial races. Yin and yang, alpha and omega. My noble ventures as dad and coach – tempered by those thoughts/actions/decisions that make me forever mortal.

The 11-year-old burping in the middle of Taco Bell.

The dad, only marginally embarrassed. More proud of the effort … wanting to coach her, even. “From the diaphragm, Marie. Project! Belch for that person in the last row, dear. GIVE IT LIFE!” All those endearing comments on my columns about my wonderful fathering?

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