Guest Post: Rabia of the Liebers Spotlights an Awesome Dad

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc
photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopincc

It’s good to hear about a good man.

There’s a lot of bad dad ink out there on the Internet. And on TV. I’m looking at you, Disney Dad. Father who jams too much dish detergent into the dish washer in the detergent ad. Don’t get me started on you, Charlie Sheen.

You know today’s guest blogger on The CD by her thoughtful and funny posts, and from the thoughtful, faithful comments she leaves your blog: She’s Rabia Lieber.

She writes the blog The Liebers, where she chronicles the tales of Frances, Henry and Benjamin, and the parents who raise them. She explains the differences between ground hogs and mothers and other mysteries of life.

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Blue and Rose Make My Purple Period


When a kid who is too short to sit in the front seat sits in the front seat, something smart happens.

It’s a transformation. She gains intelligence, introspection, and social awareness. In the backseat, it’s about coloring books and snacks. In the front seat, it’s about fine art and social issues.

It happened when I let Grace sit in the front so we could fit her bike in the backseat.

“Why does it have to be gay marriage?” she asked after she rode alongside me to wrap up week 1 of Couch to 5K. “Can’t it just be marriage?” (to paraphrase singer P!nk, and echo sentiments she heard from her big sis.)

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