Make Your Own Holiday Day, in 6 Words

Thanksgiving. Turkey. Fourth of July. Grilled burgers. Christmas. Tamales. See what happens? Mention a holiday, I bring up food. Every time. Try it again. Advertisements

Do I Throw Like a Girl? I Can Only Hope.

  Madison found the T-shirt in Target, which twisted up a familiar put-down and tossed it back in boys’ faces. “Yeah, I kick like a girl,” it admitted. “Jealous?” You ought to be, boys. I get it. A man will call his boy “son,” name him after himself, or even pass on a II, III or IV….

Thanking those who serve, and one who didn’t.

All we had to offer was a can of Sprite. He opened it right away. Gulped it, really. We wished we’d had a bottle of water. Much better for gulping on a 97-degree Independence Day, when you’re a man with a sign to declare you’ll work for food. That you served in the military. With…