Go Ask Daddy About High-Scoring Hoops, a Law-Enforcement Oops and the Wipeout Scoop

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Schmucks. How easily can you pick one out of a crowd?

GAD GRAPHICI got the chance to examine the whole culture of Schmuckosity this week in a guest post on Marcia’s blog at Menopausal Mom. Because you know, schmucks and menopause go hand in hand.

It was an honor to broach the subject on her page. I keyed in on the sideline variety of schmuck, the kind of dude your kid might get saddled with as a coach. I’ve coached against a couple.

It’s hard to know which I dislike more. Is it the kind of dude who lets one kid score seven goals against my U6 Poisonous Tree Frogs (how’s that for the nickname of the century?). I had a talkin’ to with that clown in the handshake line.

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Guest Post: Toby of Dumbass News is My Maine Man


We’re all about culture up in here, at Coach Daddy.

Toby writes a blog called Dumbass News. No, it’s not the detroit red wings fan newsletter. It has a very distinctive symbol and news that you’d find disturbing and amusing. Or, just disturbing, if it happens to be about you.

He’s here at Coach Daddy today to talk about a refined cultural event that takes place in his home state.

Check out his pages, too, where the language has a few more crayons in its array then we do around here (unless you count all of Kathy’s submissions from Kissing The Frog. She has Toby-esque license, apparently.)

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