Go Ask Daddy About Stefani’s Stage Name, All-Star City Fame and Ballers Who Elevate Their Game

photo credit: #67/366 At The Surgeon's via photopin (license)
photo credit: #67/366 At The Surgeon’s via photopin (license)

The favorite nickname I ever had, I gave myself.

GAD GRAPHICThis isn’t how it’s supposed to work. You’re supposed to earn your nickname, or at least fall into it. Stuff like 3D Waffle, Chocolate Thunder or Onion King. Sports guys have them, like Chi Chi Rodriguez, Nails (Lenny Dykstra) and Rich Garces, also known as El Guapo.

Me? In junior high, I called myself Daddy Cool.

I wasn’t even a daddy. And I probably wasn’t very cool. Although, I had a lot of hair. And wore cowboy boots to school. And had a mustache. Yeah, definitely wasn’t very cool. In fact, I’m much cooler now, with less hair, and without a mustache. Now, I’m Daddy Cool.

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5 For Friday: Kid Parties That Will Never Work

photo credit: North Charleston 2016 Harvest Festival & Block Party via photopin (license)

We do some wacky stuff for kids parties.

Ponies. Clowns. Singing mice. That used to be enough. Now, we rent out restaurants. Create horse-riding adventures. Rent bounce houses and cotton-candy machines and maybe even boy bands.

Every year becomes a practice in topping what we did last year. Or what the last kid did.

You served hot dogs and had Lady Gaga sing for your kid’s party? Well, we’ll get Ke$ha and serve pizza. Deep.dish. The Party of the Year can have a few gems on the editing room floor. Some doozies on the “not quite list.”

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