#AtoZChallenge: B is for Bonnie Marie Williams, voice talent (an interview for #GirlsRock) 🎤

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Gotta write.

Two days in and I’m already behind in the #AtoZChallenge!

B2020I should be wrapping up a work thing, but I’ll take a few minutes to post this because our guest today deserves the time. Bonnie Marie Williams is a voiceover superhero. She even has a tagline.

How many of us have a tagline?

A 20-year veteran of theater, stage, TV and film, she delivers voicing for everything from children’s voices to narration, commercials, audiobooks, animation and more. She brings a charming, quirky voice to so many cool projects.

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#A to Z Challenge: A is for Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, Adam and Avril, and Amidala (Go Ask Daddy) 🦚

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It’s not easy being cheesy.

When did you have your Motown phase?

A2020Mine happened in middle school. It lasted on into high school, and, by great fortune, into adult life. My first exposure to The Temptations came with the Daryl Hall & John Oates album Live at the Apollo. I learned fast the history and prestige of playing that venue.

Hearing my favorite Rock N Soul duo mix it up with legends was priceless.

Temptations songs resonated with me at 12 (and 32, and 42) Just My Imagination was my theme song for those formative years. A girl made a mixtape for me with I Wish That It Would Rain on it and it took me a decade to understand what she was trying to say.

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🦆 Go Ask Daddy about cannibalism, odd ducks and New York minutes


Finally I have time to write a Go Ask Daddy post!

I’d hoped this quarantine era would at least give me more casual blog writing time. What it’s become is highly distracted work-from-home time, with work days that drone into the night. At least I know this because I change from day pajamas to night pajamas.

Just getting to this point is a victory, though.

The girls amazingly haven’t had any COVID questions, but there’s plenty in the vault from yesteryear. Hell, some of these questions have been around since the Spanish Flu epidemic. (Or, close to it.)

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✍️ 300 Writing Prompts: Write the first few lines of your children’s book


When I left Red Ventures, my friend, Brittany, gifted me a book called 300 Writing Prompts. When I fly, I ask the person lucky enough to sit next to me to choose a prompt for me to write. (Sometimes, I just pick my own.)

This one, I picked.

You’re a children’s book writer. Write the first few lines of your new book. This one is about Jamal Tamal, a little boy with a big imagination (I might know how it feels.) He imagines himself in incredible predicaments, which become real-life trouble.

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🚁 #AtoZChallenge reveal: A post smorgasbord

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Much love to you, Seattle. Stay strong.

The A to Z Challenge is upon us.

I thought, man, I’m gonna need, like, a month or two at home just to write the daggum posts to do this daggum challenge this year. Well, I thought that a few weeks ago. And then this coronavirus thing happened.

So there’s no excuse now.

If I craft a post every time I hear COVID-19, that’s enough for 37 Aprils. And have enough to let a blogger named April have 31 for her next A to Z Challenge. Honestly, I don’t have to write much, because the Challenge has become the Month of Purge for me.

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🤸‍♂️ 10 things grateful, including stuff that isn’t about my new job #GratitudeAndShit


I’m feeling a bit repetitive lately.

I’m grateful for the chance to write again, to have the time freedom to devote energy to blogging and this universe. I’d like to take that a step further, and get back to those posts I’ve missed so much. Posting all the great #GirlsRocks interviews I’ve had lately is one.

But I miss the Go Ask Daddy posts, too.

The girls ask fewer questions these days, but we have a ton in reserve. I learn a lot doing those posts. And the mindful Monday posts I hate to call Mindful Monday posts, also. There’s a lot going on in my noggin and I love hearing what you have to say about it, too.

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🪂 Word to start the week: Glide

stormtrooper boat 2019 sail asheville

The cool thing about being a dad, I was telling Camdyn while putting on my shoes, is that we can wear anything we want.

She gave me that look again, the one you’d see from someone on a practical jokes show. I just kept tying my shoes and didn’t even care they were Adidas soccer shoes with black dress socks. With a Hornets jersey tee and grey shorts with a pattern of fish bones.

I can too, she finally said, and pull it off even better.

So it’s in moments like this I get a bit more clarity why I am these girls’ papa. Clearly, it’s to force them to think on their feet in ways no ordinary dad could do. It’s definitely not to give clarity to life, although I spend an awful lot of time in that sad endeavor, too.

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⏯️ 10 Things Grateful, the dusted-off edition #GratitudeAndShit

stormtrooper pez jeff gordon spring
Just hanging with Pez Jeff Gordon.

Last time I was here, in gratitude land, I posted the blog on dial-up.

Okay, so maybe that’s a stretch. I’m grateful as hell, but just haven’t had the time to be grateful as hell. Which makes no sense, right? I love coming to this space and hearing what you’re grateful for, too.

I have a cool new job in the city and I walk from the bus stop to the office with Glen Frey’s You Belong to The City in my head even though I know this is NOT what he had in mind, a middle-aged agency writer trudging the concrete to save a buck.

I do these things, you know. Someday I’ll tell you the songs that play in my head when I: a) Make tortillas (it’s been a while); b) take the soccer field sideline; and c) walk anywhere when it’s cold enough to see my breath.

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#GirlsRock: An interview with designer, athlete and adventurer Emily Bunnell 🍥

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Emily Bunnell balked when I first brought up a #GirlsRock interview.

This is common. So many incredible women I approach (for this!) feel like they’re not #GirlsRock material. Which kind of reinforces that you actually are. I knew within 10 minutes of working with Emily at an ACN event in Detroit that I’d ask.

Emily had scooted aside to allow me room at the table with the company’s co-founders and other heavy hitters to prep for international training.

Speaking of training … at that table, I learned that this contracted designer competed at the highest levels as a weight lifter. I later learned after we became colleagues and friends of her penchant for taking the most incredible global adventures, too.

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#GirlsRock: An Interview with health and wellness advocate Holli Nesbitt 💮

stormtrooper christmas
A stormtrooper poses with Christmas balls at an antique mall one day.

Oh, man – it’s good to be back.

Before I start writing again, I want to share with you a handful of wonderful interviews for #GirlsRock. For the uninitiated – #GirlsRock is an interview series that highlights women who do cool things.

Holli Nesbitt and I met on Facebook, and I quickly learned how passionate she is about helping people find better health.

During my time at ACN, I’ve seen how challenging network marketing can be. It takes someone special, with people skills and perseverance. You can’t have one without the other – and Holli has both in abundance.

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