Go Ask Daddy About Wacky Weddings, Good Books and Posting Bail

photo credit: Arteth's presents via photopin (license)
photo credit: Arteth’s presents via photopin (license)

I’ve led soccer teams onto interesting playing grounds.

Our club teams play by railroad tracks. Elise and Marie played on a sunk-down field. It’s like a pit Fred Flintstone dug with his brontosaurus. Our tournaments happen at a place called Mazeppa Park. And we played an entire season on a field of mowed down corn.

The creepiest, hand down: The field by a cemetery.

We’re not talking way over yonder. We’re talking, don’t back up from the sideline without looking. There’s a headstone behind you. Grave markers came in handy on errant balls on that side of the field. Turns out soccer balls bounce back nicely off slabs of marble.

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