Guest Post From Sheena of Not a Punk Rocker, on the Art of Teaching Kids to Curse

photo credit: Jaymis via photopin cc
photo credit: Jaymis via photopin cc

Dorks, we stick together.

You’ve seen us at the same table at lunch. With the Star Wars lunch boxes and Pac-man T-shirts. We’re not outcasts. Ours is the cool table. You might not not have known that.

We embrace the dorkiness.

Today’s guest poster says she lives the life of a dork. And by dork, she means artistic, expressive, and quirky. Sheena writes the blog Not a Punk Rocker, where she chronicles a life embarrassing her child and blogging the hell out of it.

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These Aren’t Your Father’s Video Games, Apparently

photo credit: loresjoberg Peace in our Time via photopin (license)

They’re the three words a dad doesn’t want to hear from his daughter.

“It’s complicated, dad.” When did I lose touch? When did I become irrelevant? At what point did the things that matter in my daughter’s life slip off my radar; so far that when I try to regroup, attempt to understand, she could just shake her head and gives up on me?

This wasn’t a Hallmark movie conversation with my teen about boy drama.

It wasn’t with my 11-year-old about her own developing life. This happened on a lazy Saturday morning, when dad decided, yes, he will take a shot at Mario Brothers with a 7-year-old.

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