Doing Songs the Right Way

photo credit: music2work2 via photopin cc
photo credit: music2work2 via photopin cc

Sum up your life in six … songs.

Not what you thought I was going to say, was it? I’ve accepted a challenge for today to tell the story of my life in six songs. So not easy. I scrutinized my Pandora station, imploring a higher authority to lay the six songs out for me.

The results appear today at Running on Sober. Come check it out.

We got the chance to toss in a seventh song to encapsulate it all. This was the toughest choice by far. What would your seventh song be? Please tell me, in your comments here on the CD. And if you venture there, please let me know what you think of my list.

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Guest Post: Fetch – Summer of a Work at Home Dad, by Sharon from Mommy Verbs


guest 1
photo credit: I need two volunteers! via photopin (license)

Use your words!

guest postThat was the only help the poor boy’s mom offered as Grace held her son’s left cheek to the carpet during a friendly playgroup skirmish. It was more sport than conflict, but when your face becomes one with the rug, there is win and there is lose. And other parental verbs.

My guest today, Sharon, writes a blog called Mommy Verbs. There, she contemplates the Candy Crush phenomenon, the rules of the road (trip), and reintroduces us to effective mom verbs, such as Receive, Blast, and Search.

Let’s welcome her. You’ll love her stuff.

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