On the Road Again: This time, at a Dish of Daily Life


stormtroopers bike 2

In the waning moments of the Muleicorns’ 2-1 championship match victory – on my birthday, no less – I took a seat on the bench. To apologize.

That’s where one of my favorite players, Brittney, sat, most of the second half. In the flurry of activity of a scoreless half in a hotly-contested championship, I’d failed to recognize Brittney hadn’t gotten back into the game after we’d subbed her out.

“It’s OK coach, really,” she said with a smile that let me know she meant it.

I failed to give her a chance. She said she was happy to play on a winning team with girls she loved and a coach she kind of did, too. It was important to me to give her a chance to play. More than a chance. Many chances. And a chance to love this game a little more.

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