Twisted Mix Tape: The Coach Daddy Lullaby Collection

My Skewed View

When you’re talking “Twisted Mix Tape,” you probably don’t expect Bing Crosby and Harry Connick Jr.


Those are two of the suavest honkeys in suave honkey history. “Twisted Mix Tape” ought to refer to Quiet Riot and Lindsey Stirling (left) and Twisted Sister and, yes, Ke$ha. But for Jen Kehl’s popular weekly tribute to the art of the mixtape, anything is possible.

“Twisted Mix Tape” this week calls for “Dealer’s Choice” for your selections. I nearly went with “Songs Coach Daddy Hears When He Eats Cheeseburgers, Gets Geeked Up for Soccer Matches or Thinks About Dana Perino.”

But, who can cut a list of such songs down from 47?

I went all sensitive for this one, and I asked the girls which songs they remembered me singing to them at bedtime. (Hint, none of them were by Quiet Riot or Ke$ha).Continue reading “Twisted Mix Tape: The Coach Daddy Lullaby Collection”

5 For Friday: Go Ask Daddy About Skunk Fritters, Sideline Signs and Hail Mary Passes



I would never have predicted some of the questions I’ve fielded from the girls.

And the way they’ve educated the professed grownups who read this blog.

In the mind of expecting the unexpected, I got a question from an 8-year-old daughter of mine who shall remain nameless that actually turned my stomach and made me peek over my shoulder as I researched it at work.

It had nothing to do with Snooky, feminine hygiene or the Oakland Raiders.

Continue reading “5 For Friday: Go Ask Daddy About Skunk Fritters, Sideline Signs and Hail Mary Passes”