Guest Post: Cassie, of Secure Thoughts, on Parental Control Tips for Holiday Gifts

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Grace sprung for her own tablet recently.

guest postShe justified the purchase – and also a llama keychain made from real llama fur and a tiny Peruvian blanket – as good investments, the kind of thing she could pass down to her kids someday. (I love this idea.)

One thing I need to pass down to my own kids: A plan for cyber security, not just for the content she can access, but to protect her accounts online.

That’s where Cassie comes in. She writes for a website called Secure Thoughts. No, this isn’t a site that safeguards my dreams of pizza buffets with Katlyn Carlson. It’s Internet security for everyday people. You know, like you and me.

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Pick a Genuine Gift, Make an Old Dude Happy

I had to borrow a watch for this shot.
Disclosure: I was compensated by BikeBandit in exchange for this blog post.

Forty –five.

It’s a milestone. Not of the stratosphere of 50, where Over the Hill decorations and black balloons lurk. My kids have rounded up to 50 for my age since I was 40. At 16, a man yearns to be 18. At 18, 21 becomes the benchmark. No man yearns or benchmarks for 45.

What does a man on the precipice of a non-milestone milestone age do?

Especially if he hasn’t the gumption – or American Express card – for a full-on midlife crisis? He dreams. Not just of Dana Perino and Hope Solo, but of a personal sea change. Of a regimen of situps and planks, early-morning disc golf, keeping up with his kids.

He imagines choosing the garden salad over the Caesar salad, rather than expect a medal and keys to the city for even having picked the Caesar salad over a can of Pringles. (I did this today.)

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Go Ask Daddy About RG3 and Pricey Honey


Tiny stupid keyboard.

I’m only 43, and yes, I wear progressive lenses. I’m not like, “get the hell out of my yard!” old. I can still shoot jump shots and jog. But these dadburn iPhone keyboards are for the birds. I mean, really. Let a hummingbird have at it.

We’re talking buttons so tiny two can fit under a Pez.

I know the Millennial generation grew up with touchscreens and the sharing economy and it’s just how y’all roll.

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On the Road Again: This Time, at The Graying Chronicles

photo credit: Pavel P. via photopin cc
photo credit: Pavel P. via photopin cc

Shave it, or save it?

That’s the question right now. I vowed years ago that if someone I loved ever told me I was going bald, I’d take it all off. Grow out a goatee (or Tim Howard beard) and go chrome-dome on everyone’s ass.

Today, I’m at Tammie’s place, at The Graying Chronicles.

Tammie’s blog is a wonderful look at life from early parenthood. I might be past the graying chapter and into the faltering-eyesight and thinning hair act. But in a graceful way. I can still rock a pair of cargos and a v-neck shirt.

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