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It’s not *all* fun and games around here. Now and then, I like to write like a pro. Whether it’s sports, research-driven, features, web copy for your site, transactional writer, or anything in the neighborhood in English, I’m the guy for the job. Let’s talk. I have 10 years of experience as a sports writer, 10 in marketing, and I can type without looking at my fingers.

Here are links to my non-blog work

About the Oakland Raiders, on Bleacher Report

About the Carolina Panthers, on Bleacher Report

About Cam Newton, on Bleacher Report

About a women’s college basketball player for the Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald

About a free agent trying to make the Panthers’ roster for the NFL Players Association Website

Here are a few guest blogs I’ve written

On losing to my daughter in fantasy football, on Gladiator in Heels

How midfielders make the world go ’round, on Fierce Diva Guide to Life

elipacheco.ejp @ gmail.com

Twitter: @Eliatcoachdaddy


  1. I love your writing. I am starting to monetize my blog, and do some writing as well. Would you be interested in a guest post or an interview? I’d love to promote you. I’m impressed with your simple, elegant writing style. 🙂

      1. I’m traveling today, but we can chat by email tomorrow or Tuesday. I have several interviews you can check out on my blog. I’d be interested in your blogging story. How you got started, and what it has done in your life.

  2. Hi, Eli! fatherhood blogs are so rare. I am a father of 8 years old boy. I found it interesting to have a day to answer kids questions! that is great!
    Eli, do you accept guest post on your blog? I have some topic ideas, that might be interesting for you and your readers. I’ll e-mail you. Ok?

    1. Hello! I tend to run more with the mom bloggers than the dads. Glad to share this fraternity with you. My girls always have so many questions, it just made sense to answer them here!

      I received your email – I’ll be in touch soon.

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