5 For Friday: Reasons It’s Good To Be a Fierce Diva

photo credit: Boldonian via photopin cc
photo credit: Boldonian via photopin cc

Well, I’m just pretending to be one. I’m not actually worthy.

I’m a guest poster on an incredible blog called Fierce Diva Guide to Life, written by Ilene Evans. Come check it out. Ilene guest posted here in this pizza-box-ridden space recently, about five places she’d never take her kids.

And I’m all serious, too. I’m comparing life to soccer. And hardly talking about food (unless you count the comments).

5 Reasons It’s Good To Be A Fierce Diva:

  1. You’re all spiritually centered, so much so that dogs won’t bite you.
  2. You can rock the combat boots and knit hat.
  3. Less-than-fierce divas let you cut in front of them at the grocery store checkout.
  4. You get all the snacks you want.
  5. Your tribe of readers from which you draw inspiration, and to whom you inspire.

Come check it out!

And read a bunch of Ilene’s stuff while you’re there. You’ll love what you see.



  1. Love Ilene’s blog and saw your post there – it was great!

  2. Ilene Evans says:

    You are absolutely worthy of being a Fierce Diva. I would even lend you my combat boots and knit hat. For the record though, I have never once cut in a grocery check out line. I don’t want to start rumors here!

    And I take full responsibility for the food talk in the comment thread. I was the one who mentioned pizza in paragraph one. For some reason, when I write about you, I can’t help but think about food.

  3. Way to go Dad. I’m impressed with anyone who can watch and not yell like some crazed being. A great role model for your daughters.

    1. Thanks Nelson. I’m always aware that I’m also setting an example for how I expect my girls to be – always in control of their emotions. They play with dignity; I could at least watch them that way, too. Thanks Nelson!

  4. Rosey says:

    I just took the visit and your piece is awesome, like always.

    1. You’re awesome, Rosey – thank you.

  5. I read your guest post before reading this one, and it was awesome. (I’m a little backwards this week.) I can see how you would rock combat boots and a knit hat. Also garlic parmesan wings and pizza. Yay for snacks!

    1. Thank you Jen! I spend most of my weeks backwards, so I can relate. I think Ilene rocks the combat books and knit hat *much* better than I do. Is it something scientific that makes me crave garlic Parmesan wings every time you comment? I must that you for that.

      1. Clearly there’s some sort of Pavlov’s dog thing going on when I comment on your posts, Eli.

      2. Well, Pavlov’s dog isn’t getting anywhere near my wings.

  6. Chris Carter says:

    Loved the post!!! Saw it first, but that doesn’t mean I love Ilene more- even though she’s pretty cool and all… 😉

    1. Thanks Chris! Ilene is pretty cool – you don’t write on my page without a high degree of coolness. You of all people should know this!

      It’s like an all-star team.

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