stormtrooper peaches bananas
I eat healthy stuff too.

Food is a pretty big deal around here.

I answer the tough questions around here about food. Like, what’s the difference between jam and jelly? (Do you know? If not check this link out.) I chose food as one of my trinity of topics on this page because it’s been a big factor in my fatherhood.

I very often find ways to fit food into my metaphors and such too (and even have infographics to prove it.

One time, I even got coupons for yummy frozen fish, and got to review it. I was poorer then. My kids said, “these are yummy, daddy!” but I had to say, “we’ll have to wait for them to go on sale , loveys.” (The sale was never good enough.)

It seems that ever association I have, whether as a dad, a coach, or a writer, comes down to food, in one form or another. Like the time I brought a sub sandwich to a training session – in my pocket – but forgot the bag of balls.

Sometimes, even, my words are just food for thought (although even then, they’re normally followed up with a snack.

I like it when blogging friends stop by to write, because they sometimes add something sweet. I’d say a good percentage of my A to Z Challenge posts are food-related, as was this one about ice cream.

I’m glad you’re along with us for this delicious journey, even when it turns to horrific paths, such as the short-lived no-meat challenge! I’m glad you’re here.


  1. Being a diabetic I know the love/hate relationship with food too. And cheese? Got to have cheese in my life. Pizza too. Just in moderation. I hate the sugar cravings though, but then I have a handful of grapes and I’m good again.

    1. I’ve found a mindful regard for checking my blood in two hours is an effective tool for making sure I indulge responsibly. Cheese feels disturbingly sacred to me, too.

      Two slices of pizza savored is better than a half a pie inhaled. I think Socrates said this.

  2. Did you know that it was the ancient Romans who invent dry cleaning fluid? Truly they did…they had to have something to get all the pizza stains off their togas 😉

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