lunch box

Food’s a pretty big part of what I do.

It’s a blessing, and a curse, as a type 2 diabetes sufferer. I seriously love food, and I love to share food with my girls. So, I have to do it a little bit smarter now.

When things get tough, sometimes Elise says she just wants to lounge on the couch with me, eat pizza and watch football. Marie has similar designs on a day with dad, too.

I love to cook for my family. And the girls and I agree, there can never be too much cheese. Sometimes, I even share the love.

10 Replies to “Food”

  1. Being a diabetic I know the love/hate relationship with food too. And cheese? Got to have cheese in my life. Pizza too. Just in moderation. I hate the sugar cravings though, but then I have a handful of grapes and I’m good again.

    1. I’ve found a mindful regard for checking my blood in two hours is an effective tool for making sure I indulge responsibly. Cheese feels disturbingly sacred to me, too.

      Two slices of pizza savored is better than a half a pie inhaled. I think Socrates said this.

  2. Did you know that it was the ancient Romans who invent dry cleaning fluid? Truly they did…they had to have something to get all the pizza stains off their togas 😉

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