On the Road Again: This Time, at Home on Deranged

GUEST POST GRAPHICAll this talk about beauty in women lately … it’s knocked things like pizza and baseball right off the radar lately here on the CD.

Today is more of the beautiful same. I”m at Home on Deranged today. Melissa Swedoski asked me right after the Super Bowl about those #LikeAGirl ads. Heady stuff. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

Then go to Home on Deranged and check out my guest post. Stick around, too. If you haven’t read Melissa’s blog yet,  you should. She’s like me, a survivor of the newspaper industry, and always has kick-ass giveaways going on.

See you there! [Here’s the link]

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Go Ask Daddy About Spelling, Competing and Grown-up Pajama Pants

heismanI have a rough history with Heisman Trophy winners.

GAD GRAPHICRather, they have a rough history with me.

The Heisman Trophy goes to the best player in college football each year. The award doesn’t always translate to pro success. Players such as Troy Smith, Rashaan Salaam and Ty Detmer have won the trophy. None became household names, though.

Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota won this year. He might consider skipping a game at Carolina, though, if I’m in the house.

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Friendship (Words You Don’t Want to Hear), in 6 Words

My daughter, Elise, got a six-word sentence from a friend that she didn’t really want for Friendship Month.

“Some !@#! wrecked our field again!”

This month’s 6 Words post is also a call for a little compassion.

Elise plays goalkeeper at Queen’s Grant High, a charter school in Matthews, N.C. All the team needs is a suitable field. And by suitable, I mean minimally playable.

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#BOAW: How a Boy Sees the Beauty of a Woman

Sometimes a dude talks to a woman just to talk to a woman.

beauty codeHonest.

We watched the kids on the playground years ago. Idle talk. How old’s yours? That’s a fun age. Yeah. Mine’s older. That’s her. Yeah, the one hanging by her toes and singing P!nk songs. Sure, I’m proud, and surprised. It was an AC/DC day this morning.

My toe hanger manager to sneak off the bars and ambled to my elbow.

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Go Ask Daddy About Hair, Prayer, and Compassion

What’s the sound of a thousand voices?

No, it’s not a Dads Against Disney Shows meeting. Or A Jacksonville Jaguars all-time fan club gala, either. Today, more than a thousand bloggers will write on compassion. We’ll hashtag with #1000Speak and check out all the inspirational stories today. You should too.

Compassion Day and Go Ask Daddy Day fell on the same Friday.

I nabbed five compassion-ridden questions out of the bunch. We’ve been blessed with compassionate friends along the way. Today, another compassionate group of friends has stepped up.

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Cynthia, of You Signed Up For What?!?, on Her Lessons From Dad

photo credit: Fowl Storm via photopin (license)

photo credit: Fowl Storm via photopin (license)

I competed in a triathlon, once.

By compete, I mean, I read the account and admired pictures from a favorite blogger who did. I’ve been there in spirit, though. Cynthia writes a blog called You Signed Up for What?!? And I got in on the bottom floor. First post, second comment, even.

First she responded to. The date: April 4, 2013.

Cynthia started her first post with these words:

I guess here it is – this is me writing my first post. Ta-da.

So I finally did what I’ve been wanting to do forever: I signed up for my first triathlon.

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On the Road Again: This Time, at Homemaking With Style

The middle kid gets hosed.

There’s even a syndrome for it – Middle Child Syndrome. It’s the law of nature that states a middle child shall never be first. She’s never the oldest, and never the baby. She winds up with a lower jelly-bean count on Easter morning. Middle girl wears the hand-me-downs.

It’s a hard-knock life.

The middle child begins as the second child, the girl who changes a dad’s life forever.

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