Go Ask Daddy About Rec Specs, Jet Noise and the Bottomless Pit

photo credit: Abracadabra! via photopin (license)

photo credit: Abracadabra! via photopin (license)

Tessa at Nothing Was Said, a new blog to me, nominated me for the Leibster award.

GAD GRAPHICYou guys know the drill.

I’m going to give quick-hit answers to the questions, but not nominate anyone for it. Taxes and all. It’s nice to be nominated for stuff like this, though.

And after you check out what the girls have asked for this week, you should check out her blog, Nothing Was Said. It’s new and smart and intriguing.

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What We’ve Done with Brain Switched Off, in 6 Words

The lights are sometimes on – even if no one’s home.

6 words graphicIt happens. Sometimes, it’s mild – like when I wore the wrong team’s shirt to a soccer match. Or left an egg salad sandwich in my car on a sweltering July afternoon. Wait, that wasn’t minor, was it? We all do stuff with our brain switched off. Right?

Every month, I compile a post called 6 Words. Ernest Hemingway inspired it when he said any story can be told in a six-word sentence. I ask bloggers, friends, strangers, and a few strange blogger friends to respond to a prompt.

March is Brain Awareness month. Sometimes, we’re not so aware, though. In six words, what’s something you’ve done with your brain switched off? Think “put on my hoodie backwards – again.”

Thanks to blogger friends (hey, I left off strange!) such as Mo of Mocadeaux blog and Lisa of The Meaning of Me for posting 6 words post at the same time!

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#GirlsRock: An Interview with Singer/Songwriter Erin Bowman

photo credit: sw19 via photopin (license)

photo credit: sw19 via photopin (license)

Girls rock.

CD INTERVIEWSIf you’ve ever read this blog, you know this is true. As an occasional series, I’d like to spotlight some women who blaze trails for girls like my daughters. It’s a beautiful age we live in. A girl can do anything she sets her mind to.

Leading off is singer/songwriter Erin Bowman. Her song “Keep Me Warm” shot right to my heart, and I sent her a tweet to tell her so. She responded with a thanks, and an idea was born: What if I could interview kick-ass girls like Erin for the CD? Talk with women who do amazing things for a living? They’re the kind of women who create this world in which my oldest daughter not long ago asked:

“There’s really never been a woman president?”

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Go Ask Daddy About Cause Ribbons, Mexican States and Cats’ Mental Health

crossDad was always prepared.

GAD GRAPHICHe wrote out to-do lists. He wrote lists for his to-do lists, I’d imagine. He changed oil in his truck at 5,000 miles and never ran out of gas for the grill. I used to give up soda for Lent. Dad would have a six pack of IBC root beer chilling in the fridge on Easter morning. Without fail.

It shouldn’t have surprised me dad had a prayer for in case he lost to leukemia.

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Guest Post: Katie of Pick Any Two, on Toddlers in Sports

photo credit: OKIMG_3902 via photopin (license)

photo credit: OKIMG_3902 via photopin (license)

By giving up, Katie of Pick Any Two blog gained so much.

guest postKatie’s blog speaks to the concession that a mom can do anything – but not everything. Katie found something on Pinterest (I guess you can do more than recipes and Lizzie O’Leary photos on there) that became a philosophy.

Katie explains it like this:

Pick Any Two: Giving up the “have it all” mentality and instead making choices without apology or guilt. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling better already.

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What to Do When Your Blog Starts to Die a Little

My blog isn’t dead. It’s just … lost a step.

It’s Brett Favre with the Vikings. Or Jets.

It’s Elvis, sweating on a Vegas stage.

It’s E.T., all white and powdery away from home. Not in his extraterrestrial glory.

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Go Ask Daddy About Flashy Feathers, Stray Bullets and College Jobs

There’s a rooster on the loose at work. I’ve seen him.

GAD GRAPHICThat’s a comfort to one co-worker. She struggles to convince those within earshot that, yes, there’s a rooster among us.

I slowed my car and rolled down the window next to him. His emerald feathers glittered, his comb flopped on his handsome head like a pompadour.

He’s the Elvis Pressley of farm animals – in a business park.

If he were a she – if the rooster were a hen – we might have missed her. She’d cluck by, head down in search of grain. She’d settle on a nest to tend to eggs rather than preen roadside, she of understated earth-colored plumage. It reveals the nature of nature.

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