Guest Post: Grace (Yes, Grace!) Shares Her Favorite Websites

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One thing – sometimes I ask the universe for just one good thing.

guest postUsually, it’s a word from someone I love, or a gesture. I feel like if I can get just this one thing, I can carry on. I get it sometimes. It’s a well-timed text, a smile from a stranger. Maybe it’s a Norah Jones song on the Pandora or the biggest slice of pizza at the café.

Lately, that something has come in just the nick of time has pretty almond eyes and killer soccer shot.

Grace has been a life-saver. At times I feel downtrodden or can’t figure out why people do what they do or say what they say or why the universe seems to have left me at the terminal, Grace comes through. She plans time for us together. She texts me.

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Go Ask a Boy, Part I

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We have this wacky-ass program at work called Slack.

The Millennials love it. Me? Not so much. It’s growing on me, a little. It’s supposed to replace email. I say, I’m old school. Send me a !@$ %^&! email. But no. These kids Slack each other. And me.

A girl on my team asked me on the Slack if boys hate it when girls talk a lot.

Heck no, I said.

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Why I Really Tried to Talk No sh*t to Panthers Fans Today

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I would have taken a picture of the ‘troopers and a Broncos helmet. But mine was stolen last week off my desk.

I feel you, Panthers fans.

I’m not just saying that because I must life, work and maneuver amongst you for an undetermined length of time. I’m saying this because I hear the bitter denial (it wasn’t you, it was us!), see the sad gazes, know that feeling of watching your team lose a game and sometimes its innocence on the biggest stage of all.

This understated Broncos polo I wear today? It’s older than some of you and belonged to my dad.

I chose it from his closet just weeks after he died. Not to make this a sob story, but it’s a big deal to me. The last game dad saw was Denver winning its second straight Super Bowl, against Atlanta in Super Bowl XXXIII. The win was more relief than jubilation, which is crazy to say about a championship.

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Go Ask Daddy About Pork Byproducts, Religious Claymation and the Moral Conflict of Non-Frosted Flakes

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Today, my friends, I stand bravely.

GAD GRAPHICI’ll venture into a sea of Carolina blue, of school pep rallies and retail mayhem. It’s the fever that surrounds your average Super Bowl. This one is mighty, not only because it’s Super Bowl 50, but because it pits my native home team (the Denver Broncos) with my adoptive one (Carolina Panthers).

Today, schools will force my very children, fans of the Cardinals, 49ers and Broncos, to wear Panthers gear in the name of civic pride.

Donkey pucks, I say. While full classes dab and chant derogatory remarks about our beloved Broncos, the team of my father and my grandfather before me, I know that odds are we’ll all feel the torture of a sixth Super Bowl loss.

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So What Would You Ask of a Boy?

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There’s no guest post for this space today.

I’m about a furlong and a half behind on my blog anyway. Hell, there are emails in my inbox from last month’s six words that have gone as yet unthanked. Not to mention a couple of fantastic #GirlsRock posts just waiting for me.

I’ll take this next week to reset.

In the meantime, I want to remind you to sign up to receive this month’s 6 words prompt. Just send an email to and say you want in. (Which reminds me – I need to find February’s topic. Preferably during February.)

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Here’s the 8 Things I Tend to Photograph

2 1 LEDE

You won’t look far for something beautiful to photograph in Cancun.

It’ll take a while to get a signal strong enough to text/share/post these pictures, though. It doesn’t matter what photographer expert level you bring.

In my case, the category just above knows-most-times-if-his-camera-faces-the-right-way and just below knows-he’s-actually-taken-a-photo.

It doesn’t take an expert to post about photography or even list pro tips on a blog.

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Go Ask Daddy About Carolina Colleges, Wireless Wildernesses and the Roads to Somewhere

photo credit: Halloween 2012 via photopin (license)
photo credit: Halloween 2012 via photopin (license)

Hello, from sunny Cancun. Not actually Cancun as I start this post.

GAD GRAPHICI’m in the air above the ocean on the way to Cancun. It is 885 miles as the crow flies, although a crow would have dropped dead in the Gulf of Mexico by now. With 30 minutes until we land, and the scenery unchanged since I attempted to eat a veggie wrap for lunch, I snapped open the laptop to work ahead.

It’s a two-plus-hour flight, which is nuts. It’ll be a two-hour drive to see Elise next year at college.

She picked Florida schools from the start. I made her a deal; visit a school within one hour of Charlotte first. Then, pick one two hours away, then three. She bypassed my alma mater, UNC Charlotte, and chose Winthrop, in Rock Hill, S.C.

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Our Dream Jobs, in 6 Words

photo credit: Time to clean the TIE IV via photopin (license)
photo credit: Time to clean the TIE IV via photopin (license)

I kind of have my dream job.

6 words graphicI write, all day. There’s food around. I love my team. Did I mention the writing and the food? And the laptop. And the company trip to Cancun tomorrow, and the bowling alley. And I get to write. All day. With food.

I think it’s more a dreamy job.

A dream job, maybe, is one that you know exists or hope exists or have dreamed up to exist. Not one you find, then fall in love with. So the dream job would still be a reporter for NPR. I have a jacked-up enough name for it.

Every month, I compile a post called “6 Words.” Ernest Hemingway inspired it when he said any story can be told in a six-word sentence. I ask bloggers, friends, strangers, and a few strange blogger friends to respond to a prompt.

Want to receive an email with monthly prompts? Just send an email to, with 6 words in the subject line, to subscribe.

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Why Coach? Let Me Count the Ways

photo credit: A helping hand (close up) via photopin (license)
photo credit: A helping hand (close up) via photopin (license)

I could write a post on my definition of a coach.

I’ve interviewed them. My girls have played for them. I’ve been one. For 13 years, I’ve toiled the sideline, run training, lost big games and won a few. I’ve met grown people in Walmart parking lots who approach me and say … “coach … is that you?”

Yes, it is.

I’ve done this long enough that grown people in Walmart parking lots approach me that way. Some played in college. Some didn’t play again after leaving my team. They’ve gone onto schools and families, but some still call me coach.

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Interview with Author Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, on Science of Parenthood

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Norine Dworkin-McDaniel first surfaced around these parts in 2013, chiming in for one of the original 6 words post.

She’s since participated in a few of those Ernest Hemingway-inspired posts. I even had the honor of guest posting on the website she co-hosts  with Jessica Ziegler, The Science of Parenthood. [Check out Daddy Math right here.]

Science of Parenthood has taken on a life of its own, and now comes in the form of a brilliant new book, called, aptly, Science of Parenthood.

I had a chance to email chat with Norine about the book, the science, the parenthood, and all that went into it.

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