A to Z Challenge: X is for Xenon

How will the A to Z Challengees address today’s letter, X?

CD az challengeToday on the A to Z Challenge, X is for Xenon. Don’t remember Xenon? It’s on your periodic table, element No. 54. That happened to be my football uniform number, back in the day. It’s a noble gas. I aspire to be noble. It’s colorless, dense and odorless.

I struggle with that last one sometimes.

I’m definitely a color – honey roasted, most accurately.

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A to Z Challenge: W is for Waiters

photo credit: #359/366 via photopin (license)

photo credit: #359/366 via photopin (license)

I know … we’re supposed to call them servers, not waiters.

CD az challengeToday in the A to Z Challenge, W is for Waiters. Why? They are one of my biggest pet peeves. Not waiters in general. And I know we’re supposed to call all wait staff servers. I know, firefighters too, not firemen. Police people? Where does it end? Oh yeah, and flight attendants.

My peeve isn’t with the waiter himself. (Although the term pet peeve is total shit, isn’t it? Why would you have a pet you hate? It’s not a pet. It’s a pest. It’s a pest peeve.)

I’m on pet peeves and waiters in part because of my friend Dana’s post called Biggest Pet Peeves. I liked her list. Or rather, I hated it.

I also hate when a server insists on memorizing my order. I’m not impressed. You might have a photographic memory, but what if the busboy drops a tray of whiskey glasses on your head and you suffer short-term memory loss?

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A to Z Challenge: V is for Vertigo

The thought of it sent my head spinning.

CD az challengeFor the A to Z Challenge today, V is for Vertigo. The past two years, that’s what I thought I’d get if I accepted the A to Z Challenge. Post, every day? On every letter? And read five post on other blogs – every day? That’s my inner ear turning salchows on my cerebellum.

But here I am, dizzy as hell, but sitting on V.


It’s been an incredible adventure. Thank you for sticking around. I haven’t answered email and comments very quickly since April 1. Regular farm-fresh blogging three times a week will be easy as Sunday morning. So will some welcome visits to your blogs!

Down the stretch I come, with a second edition of “I believe.” What do you believe? Share it in comments!



1. I believe when kids curse, it’s funnier than grownups falling down. Only slightly.

2. I believe fathering daughters isn’t always easy. My smiles aren’t reciprocated. A dad must believe his mission is the most important thing he’ll ever do, though.

3. I believe snow days shouldn’t be scheduled. They should always be on God’s shuffle for the Carolinas.

4. I believe fish hooks eventually dissolve in fish. I really do.

5. I believe the first thing is love, isn’t it? We don’t need religion for that.

6. I believe kids should come with eating profiles. They should wear these around their necks so we parents can keep it straight.

7. I believe corn flakes should exist solely for chicken breading and casseroles.

8. I believe in love, peace and Frosted Flakes.

9. I believe when someone we love overcomes an obstacle, it gives us strength to take on our own hurdles.

10. I believe I’m most comfortable, for better or worse, in the mom blogger department. I tried the dads, and didn’t fit. At least here, I can be a guppy among angelfish.

11. I believe I’d be happiest in a room with lots of windows and snacks where I could write. There’d be lots of love and room for everyone.

12. I believe tofu to be a horrible contradiction to my carnivorous core.

13. I believe there are few accomplishments as gratifying as coaxing your baby to sleep in your arms.

14. I believe R2-D2 T-shirts should come in men’s sizes, suction-cup toothbrushes should come in man-sized, too.

15. I believe playing hockey and being a boy are both hard work.

16. I believe there are different ways to motivate. But the key is to make a child believe their participation and progress is their choice.

17. I believe Mr. Blue Sky doesn’t answer all of life’s questions, but it puts fatherhood into perspective for me. That’s better than all the answers.

18. I believe when I misplace stuff, like my phone or glasses or back scratcher, it’s best to look in a spot next to something I’ve picked up to eat.

19. I believe it’s a big deal when the ponytail does great things, and although we should wish that it wouldn’t matter, I’m glad that it does.

20. I believe no matter how we feel we might struggle as parents, if we’re tuned in to our kids, we’re doing vast amounts of good.

21. I believe it’s cool to hear my daughter sing songs my dad introduced me to.

22. I believe if you buy loud and horrible toys for someone else’s kids, it’s the equivalent of lofting that first nuclear missile.

23. I believe as kids get older, you gravitate toward cheap food, in bulk. Frozen waffles, chicken nuggets, stuff like that. It’s like feeding lions at the zoo.

24. I believe recipes that call for egg whites aren’t fit to be fixed, let alone pinned. Take the whole egg, or nothing at all.

25. I believe it’s tough to be a kid and an NFL fan in the free-agent era. You must go through many jerseys.

26. I believe in sparkle.

27. I believe in the beauty in a woman’s strength, and strength in a woman’s beauty.

28. I believe the best way to a BS-free perspective is to see life through a kid’s eyes.

29. I believe there are only eight or 10 traditional toppings acceptable on a pizza. This makes me a pizza purist, I realize.

30. I believe when things get tense with my older girls’ teams, it will always do my heart good to watch the littles play on a Saturday morning. It reminds me remind me of where it all starts.

31. I believe we’re never too young – or old – for art and soccer.

32. I believe all yoga sessions should end with cheese fries.

33. I believe dads have a chance to be a hero, but not every day. Every day, though, we have a chance to make a difference.

34. I believe life is a full-contact sport.

35. I believe no matter how far involvement in sports takes you, it should always, at its core, be a game kids would love.

36. I believe all parents should get a bucket of Kids & Pets when they leave the maternity ward. Or at least make it the staple of all baby shower gifts.

37. I believe breakfast for dinner is one of God’s greatest creations.

38. I believe the foreign words with the most utility are bad words and food.

39. I believe Winnie the Pooh is right up there with Radar O’Reilly and Beaver Cleaver for words of wisdom.

40. I believe I’ve never understood the thought that the truth will set us free as much as I do now.

41. I believe writing is like a sneeze – if you hold it in, you might bust something.

42. I believe I’ll never run out of stuff to write. Finding time to write when I’m not falling asleep on the keyboard? That’s the challenge.

belief 2 quote

A to Z Challenge: U is for Underdog

u is for underdogI pull for the underdog – except for when I don’t.

CD az challengeIn the A to Z Challenge today, U is for Underdog. I live it, breathe it, and coach it. I identify with it. Only pizza ranks higher in word count on this blog than underdog.

In the NFL playoffs, I root for the underdog.[1]

In the NBA playoffs, I root for the underdog.[2]

In the NCAA tournament, I root for the underdog.[3]

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A to Z Challenge: T is for Time



Our kids have the capacity to amaze us, don’t they?

CD az challengeToday for the A to Z Challenge, T is for Time. It’s like we wind them up as babies, and spend the rest of the time watching them go. Just imagine how things will be around the dinner table as they get older and begin to explore the world around them. Time starts ticking and it won’t ever stop.

CD loyalist Janine Huldie wrote earlier this year a post titled Happy Lily Surprise.

She rightfully gushed about the surprises her daughter has bestowed upon her in a few happy years on earth. If you’re an aspiring parent who can’t shoulder/stomach/manage surprise by the dumpsterful … You might reconsider.

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A to Z Challenge: S is for Sand in My Toes



Sometimes you read a blog that you wish you’d written. Or that your kids would write.

CD az challengeToday on the A to Z Challenge, S is for Sand In My Toes. As in, the blog, by Tarana Khan Siddiqi. Ever read it? She first appeared on the Coach Daddy scene in a comment on Michelle Nahom’s brilliant guest post about sports parents.

Today, Tarana is here to share five parenting lessons she learned from her dad.

She shares with me a background in journalism and content writing, as well as copy editing. She’s an incredible and expressive parent who has written so many poignant posts, especially on toddlers. You’ll love her style as I do.

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A to Z Challenge: R is for Rockies



CD az challengeFor me Rockies is a baseball team. Not a place to ski.

For the A to Z Challenge today, R is for Rockies. My beloved baseball team, yes, who got off to a rip-roaring start this season (7-2!) only to lose three straight (they’re losing 5-0 in the first inning as I type this and try to ignore it). My Colorado Rockies cap is well-worn and well-loved. But also the western foreground to the most spectacular sunsets I ever saw as a kid. A nod to the majestic mountains that never let me forget which way was home.

Corporal Max Klinger would fist-fight with a dude who dared insult his Toledo Mud Hens.

I’m not that kind of fan. I can’t really, because 93% of insults to my baseball team come from my kids.

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