🙄 A to Z Challenge: Y is for Yeah!



CD az challengeToday on the A to Z Challenge, Y is for Yeah! It could easily go down because the month-long challenge is almost over. It’s been a grueling month in which I haven’t kept up with comments or blog reading.

It could also signify a cheer for this month’s 6 Words challenge prompt.:

April 29 is World Wish Day. If you could grant a wish for someone else – what would it be, in six words?

Every month, I compile a post called 6 Words. Ernest Hemingway inspired it when he said any story can be told in a six-word sentence. I ask bloggers, friends, strangers, and a few strange blogger friends to respond to a prompt.

You all impressed me with your humor and sweetness, your ingenuity and heart. Plus you saved my butt for having to come up with a Y post all my own.

So what would your wish be?


1. Happiness, not all day, but everyday.

Ashley M., of Post-grad Jitters blog

2. To restore her to perfect health.

Kelly M., of Just Typikel blog

3. May you find peace in decisions.

Sharon Z., of Mommy Verbs blog

4. Discover the best version of yourself.

Beth C., of Another Chapter in the Book blog

5. I wish more chocolate, less war.

Kerri A., of Diagnosed, and Still Okay blog

6. A straight spine for my son.

Laurie S., of The Adventures of Writing blog

photo credit: Meal miracle mosaic_0906 via photopin (license)
photo credit: Meal miracle mosaic_0906 via photopin (license)

7. Miracle cures for Ryan and Miles.

Becca H., of It’s Yummi blog

[Learn more about Ryan and Miles here]

8. I wish everyone would know Jesus.

Lisa W., of Planet Weidknecht blog

9. Joy, love, and happiness for children.

Amanda, of The Educators’ Spin On It blog

10. Acceptance and encouragement for science girls.

Emily, of Nerd in the Brain blog

11. No more leukemia for sweet Brayden.

Darcy B.

12. Give mom more time with dad.

Deb, of Deb Runs blog

Rhonda Albom
Rhonda Albom

13. Wishing a clean bedroom for daughter.

Rhonda A., of Albom Adventures blog

14. For all sick people to heal …

Chris C., of The Mom Cafe blog

15. Freedom from pain, persecution and fear.

Amanda L., of Miss Zippy blog

16. Love and Joy for everyone, everyday.

Melissa C., of This Girl’s Life blog

17. For all adults to smile more.

Andrea M., of About 100% blog

18.Sunny warm weather all year long!

Janine H. of Confessions of a Mommyaholic blog

photo credit:  via photopin (license)
photo credit: via photopin (license)

19. Children would never die before parents.

Michele, of Old Dog, New Tits blog

20. To know that you are enough.

Jennifer I., of Another Jennifer blog

21.  To enjoy the passage of time.

Liz D., of The Lemon Bowl blog

22. Come finish you’re life cut short.

Mel, of World According to Mags blog

23. A year of drama-free church.

Jenn L., of That’s a Jenn Story blog 

24. Health and joyful experiences to share.

Darley N., of Equitrekking TV show


25. For whoever feels alone…embracing laughs.

Meredith S., of The Mom of the Year blog

26. Send my Grandma Ginny to Italy.

Brooke B., of Brooke Blogs blog

27. I wish my ass was smaller.

Robin R., of Masshole Mommy blog

28. Let the terminally ill be cured.

Melissa S., of Home on Deranged blog

29. My son to find his shoes.

Rebecca, of Frugalista blog

30. Every girl educated? Count me in!

Katherine J., of Story Matters blog


31. Simply – a full cure for cancer.

Tamara B., of Tamara (Like) Camera blog

32. Granting you the ones that matter.

Kristi C., of Finding Ninee blog 

33. Peace, happiness, travel… and fun times.

Anne of Unique Gifter blog

34. Let her lose 50 pounds now!

Pat C., of New Bloggy Cat blog

35. Peter Pan, it’s time, grow up.

Dana S., of Writing at the Table blog

36. All girls everywhere go to school.

Gaye, of Calm.Healthy.Sexy blog

photo credit: Christmas Spirit via photopin (license)
photo credit: Christmas Spirit via photopin (license)

37. To find joy in all things.

Nicky O., of Little Family Adventure blog

38. Coffee no longer harmful during pregnancy.

Sally G., of Never Trust a Jellyfish blog

39. Be free to live fulfilling life.

Stephanie L., of Kickass Problem Solver blog

40. Your heart’s desires … and then some.

Laurel R., of Alphabet Salad blog

41. I wish you could wish anything!

Tarana K., of Sand in My Toes blog

42. To love and believe in yourself.

Michelle R., of The Healthy Beauty blog

photo credit: Meow? Meow! via photopin (license)
photo credit: Meow? Meow! via photopin (license)

43. All cats’ wishes for forever homes.

Ellen P., of 15 and Meowing blog

44. To see the beauty in you.

Ashley T., of Confessions of a Working Mum blog

45. May you find friendship in dogs.

Earl L., of Earl’s World! blog

 46. A good night’s sleep, then pancakes.

Jess W., of Jess Witkins’ Happiness Project blog

47. For my daughter, a blessed life.

Lisa, of The Meaning of Me blog

48. Unconditional parental love to every child.

Kathy M., of Imagine Today blog

photo credit: FMSC Distribution Partner - Tajikastan via photopin (license)
photo credit: FMSC Distribution Partner – Tajikastan via photopin (license)

49. End of world hunger and poverty.

Theresa M., of Theresa’s Mixed Nuts blog

50. Courage to shoot for the stars.

Michelle T., of MamaMick blog

51. To find peace in my happiness.

Alexa Rae, of Zaagi Travel blog

 52. Happiness and love all day long!

Kim T., of Day with KT blog

53. One more page, finished whole book.

Rachee F., of Say it Rahshay blog

54. Tools to grant their own wish.

Z.R. S., of ZR Southcombe blog

photo credit: log structure via photopin (license)
photo credit: log structure via photopin (license)

55. MA wrap-around porch overlooking a stream.

Eli P., of Coach Daddy blog

wishes quote


  1. Tarana Khan says:

    Thank you for including mine! Some great ones here 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Glad you could make it! Lots of worthy wishes beating around up there.

  2. Aw, all the wishes were so wonderful and still gave me such hope. By the way, I give you tons of props for doing this challenge and pretty much know I wouldn’t be able to keep up this pace at all myself.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      The one about Robin’s arse is getting some attention. It’s a labor of love, but I definitely love to do these posts, Janine.

      Thanks for sticking with every single one.

  3. Rhonda Albom says:

    LOL – I guess I missed the point here. Everyone is so thoughtful and loving . . . and then there was me giggling away. Thanks for including my comment and photo and great post for Y.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      You didn’t miss it at all. The beauty of six words is no one knows what anyone else has said. It’s genuinely yours, whether it’s thoughtful or loving or funny or otherwise. Thanks for the photographic evidence for your sentence!

  4. Reblogged this on New Bloggy Cat and commented:
    May all our wishes be granted! \(❀‿❀)/

  5. Lyn says:

    Perfectly wonderful wishes!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      not at all unreasonable, right?

  6. laurie27wsmith says:

    One has to love wanting a smaller ass.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Mine’s perfect for me, Laur. I need every square inch of it.

      1. laurie27wsmith says:

        I’ve lost about 35lbs so my ass is delicate now.

      2. Eli Pacheco says:

        I noticed you look pretty svelte there, Fratello. I thought you were re-enlisting in the service or something.

      3. laurie27wsmith says:

        Thanks Mate, svelte with a capital S. No reenlisting for me.

      4. Eli Pacheco says:

        They might make you a general.

      5. laurie27wsmith says:

        I could swing it!

  7. Andrea says:

    Wonderful wishes. 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Glad you could zip one in too, Andrea.

  8. valj2750 says:

    Hey, Eli. Yeah!

  9. Kristi Campbell - findingninee says:

    I love all of them, Eli! Thank you so much for including mine and for doing this every month. The 6-word stories are always inspiring, funny, and just plain awesome. YEAH for your challenge month being almost over – awesome job (says she who never does these challenges)!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Glad you did, Kristi. Also glad to have you in it – it’s a blast to put together and puts me back in touch with adored writers like you. you get a sampler platter in every one of these.

      I don’t know that I’d do this challenge again .. I’ll write about the ups and downs for the Z post (although I still have to find a fitting Z word.)

  10. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Some really good ones here for sure though I think the smaller ass one has to be my favourite! LOL.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      There’s a line forming for that wish.

  11. Julia Tomiak says:

    These are beautiful! A delightful mix of poignant and funny. Good job Eli, and congrats on finishing this marathon blogging month!

  12. These are absolutely perfect, Eli… what a great combination of feel good and funny good phrases! Thanks for including mine (and the link to Ryan and Mile’s page)

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I love the mixed nuts we get around here this time of month, Becca. Thanks for playing along and bringing Ryan and Miles to our attention.

  13. Definitely health for everybody who is sick, especially children.
    Love, peace and food for all of us. Smilies, too.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Especially pizza. Amen.

  14. misszippy1 says:

    Thanks for including me–such an uplifting post!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks for contributing to such an uplifting post, and we’re thinking about your town today, Amanda.

  15. A wrap-around porch overlooking a stream. Yes, please.
    Thank you for including mine,Eli. Oh that it could come true.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Doesn’t that sound perfect? I can see myself with my laptop out there writing. Thanks for contributing – I know yours was a tough one, and I wish we could grant it.

  16. Laurel Regan says:

    Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this, Eli. Lovely, lovely post!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Glad you could make it, Laurel. Thanks for contributing!

  17. I love these so much! Thank you for including me. I almost forgot what I submitted. It made me smile. 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks Jennifer! It’s great to get you back in the game. This could be like that $5 you find in that jacket pocket.

  18. amycake76 says:

    Always love reading these.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks Amy – email me and I’ll get you into the next one.

  19. Kim says:

    Some great wishes for sure – wish some could really be granted!!!
    Thanks for including me:)

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Even just two or three would be awesome. Thanks for being part of it.

  20. I have never been in better company for your six-word challenges, Eli. There were lots of heartfelt entries. Truly touching. As always, thanks for including me. 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      It’s like an all-star game here, isn’t it? Glad you could be part of it, Michele.

  21. Stormie Kent says:

    What a nice idea! I’m glad I stopped by to read all the wishes.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Glad you stopped by – I’ll have to get you in one of these someday, Stormie.

  22. Of all the 6 words you’ve done, this might be my favorite.
    I have happy tears in my eyes…too bad I’m sitting in a Sports Clip with my son – he is so embarrassed 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks Michelle! Maybe he thought you were watching Royals highlights.

      1. Good call! I was actually watching the game during this time, so I could have totally saved the situation had I been thinking 😉

      2. Eli Pacheco says:

        Two things are sure to make a guy cry: A swift kick where it counts, and his favorite baseball team.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      … and it counts!

  23. Jess Witkins says:

    I feel overwhelmingly happy that so many of these wishes involve healing a sick loved one or taking away pain. I wish we all could do that. This post makes me smile. Thanks for letting me participate, Eli!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      This tribe is goofy to the max, but they also like to sprinkle in some sweet. It’s a good mix. Glad you liked this, Jess. Loved having you in it!

  24. pilch92 says:

    Thank you for inviting me to join in, I hope to next month too. I really enjoyed everyone’s answers. I am going to post about this on my blog this Saturday.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Just send me an email for the prompt. kinda cool to see everyone’s responses, right? Send me a link to your blog about it!

  25. So many sweet wishes…

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      And a couple of funny ones. But would you expect anything different around here?

  26. Rorybore says:

    I wish everyone could have a heart full of joy.
    and then the smaller ass thing. 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      A heart cannot be too full of joy. And let’s not get asses *too* small.

  27. Love this feature. Thanks for including me! 🙂

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks Michelle. Glad you were a part of it!

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