Photo a Day Challenge: June 29 – the Letter M

challenge letter M

I’ve a lifelong tradition – of losing.

Losses and losing streaks and losing seasons dot my sporting timeline. I have the green and yellow field-day ribbons to prove it. Want to know where the fringe begins? I made a home there.

You can claim that, when you’re the last player to make it on the worst teams in their leagues. I lost and lost – until I didn’t. Appropriately, I didn’t step a foot on the field for my first championship.

I stood in disbelief as the seconds counted down for Elise’s first championship, too.

We led 3-0, and I couldn’t accept, even with seconds left, that finally … finally I’d have something to celebrate. “We did it, coach,” my assistant Tom said, seconds before the final whistle – yet, still several seconds after the celebration, I still didn’t believe it.

Elise chose the nickname – Mysteries FC – and I bought a Maryland cap on

Mysteries ranks in the top 10% of nicknames in the history of the universe if you ask me. I flung my clipboard when I finally accepted my change of fortune and wound up on the bottom of a U8 scrum.

This hat took a ride, too – and I’m not even sure how it wound up back on my head.

M quote



5 thoughts on “Photo a Day Challenge: June 29 – the Letter M

  1. Maryland… my home state! I know all too well about losing teams. I coached one soccer group of middle schoolers. Lost every game by no less than 3 goals and had a total of 3 goals for the season. But they were a happy bunch and would sing the whole way home from away games. I loved coaching those kids. It’s amazing how much fun a game can be when losing doesn’t matter.

    1. Men try to win the World Cup on Saturday with children when their battle should be to foster love for the game and individual and team accomplishment instead, Eric.

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