On the Road Again: This Time, at Outsmarted Mommy

photo credit: 27147 via photopin cc
photo credit: 27147 via photopin cc
Drawing by CGP

Jennifer Lizza has lost a lot of things.

Vanity. Sanity. A clean and organized house. She recently brought her game to the House of Coach Daddy to rap out her blues about all the things she’s lost as a mother.

It was a stellar effort. If you were smart, you read her stuff and added her to your Feed Lovin’ or Blogdly or whatever. She’s a wonderful mother, an awesome blog friend and one of the most engaging zoo keepers of boys you’ll ever read.

Today, I’m at her house. Talking … purses.

Not real purses, of course. We’re talking the theoretical variety. The kind men would carry if men carried bags. Like me. We all know ‘men’s bags’ is an oxymoron on the order of non-alcoholic beer, sugar-free donuts and classy dodgers fan.

Come see what I’d carry in this bag. It’s dude approved.

See ya back here Wednesday for June’s 6 Words post. It’s … shocking.

purse quote


  1. You’re game talking about man purses Mate. Don’t think for one minute that I would want to you carry one with sequins on it. (see my reply at Outsmarted Mommy)

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