Go Ask Daddy: C is for Corner Flag #A to ZChallenge


It’s the place to take the kids at halftime.

CFor Day 3 of the A to Z Challenge, C is for Corner Flag. It’s away from the bench, still far from the parents, and a great spot for me to sit Indian style (as a child of the 70s, I’ll use this term) and talk over what just happened in the first half.

Just add a gaggle of Gatorade swigging kids.

It’s a bit of a refuge, the corner flag.

The day Grace scored her first goal, I filled in for her regular coach. She wasn’t the soccer diva you see before you today. In fact, in that rainy day with the Bethel Bulldogs, she got trampled. By teammates.

She took a spot on the bench. Huge tears fell from pretty almond-shaped brown eyes.

She came back and scored her first goal ever, ripping a shot past a boy who’d had the gall to toss the pretty rocks she found over the fence before the game.

So elated with the game, I ran a zigzag pattern on the way to the corner flag again, the kids running and laughing behind me. Sometimes, that spot’s full of tears and bruises. But on this day, when they finally tackled me by the corner flag, it was nothing but bliss.

1. How long is halftime?


In soccer – about 15 minutes.

In the NFL – about 12 minutes. Except for Super Bowls. This is because there must be time added to smoke up the air and mat down the grass.

And gather up the dancing sharks after Katy Perry’s show. All this takes more than an hour.

Your soccer games go about 5 minutes, which is just enough time to think about a run to the port-a-jon, but not do it.

2. Is Jeremy Wade Australian?

photo credit: LEGO Creator 31031 | Is this Lego-fish carnivorous? via photopin (license)
photo credit: LEGO Creator 31031 | Is this Lego-fish carnivorous? via photopin (license)

Wade, host of one of Grace’s favorite shows, River Monsters, is British. His jacked-up accent could be an amalgamation of years spent in remote jungle rivers chasing man-eating fish.

Think reaching his hands into murky South American river gunk is the most dangerous thing he’s done? He’s been arrested as a suspected spy, survived Malaria, been held up at gunpoint, and survived a plane crash.

No wonder a school of piranhas is no big deal.

A bear once stole his fish, too. Probably during a Super Bowl halftime.

3. Do they play football on Thanksgiving?

photo credit: IMG_4856 via photopin (license)
photo credit: IMG_4856 via photopin (license)

Thursday afternoon football, plateloads of food, and a day off from work?

Sounds like heaven to me.

NFL games are layed in Dallas and Detroit, although the league added a night game that has all the storied history of the Sharknado series.

The Lions have played on Thanksgiving since 1934; the Cowboys, since 1966.

Given their recent playoff records, Turkey Day fits both the Cowboys and Lions.

Male turkeys, by the way, are called toms. Since 1950, quarterbacks named Tom (Brady, Flores and Kramer) are 5-1 in Thanksgiving Day games.

4. Why did that TV not break in Pink Panther 2?

photo credit: Old broken TV via photopin (license)
photo credit: Old broken TV via photopin (license)

I really didn’t find an answer to this one, lovey.

The scene is quite obscure, too. A villain on a boat flings a wine glass at a TV on a boat, and the glass shatters before it gets to the screen. There must be a protective shield on the TV, to protect it from salt water, flying mackerel and slung wine glasses.

I found something called TV Armor.

And because this is a bit of a stinker of an answer, here’s a funny scene from Pink Panther 2.

5. Why are new cars so low to the ground?

new cars
photo credit: 2013 Lincoln MKZ at the 2012 New York International Auto Show via photopin (license)

Grace, it feels like you and I are old men sitting on a porch talking about Studabakers. You’re right. It’s not just European roadsters, either.

The family minivan sits like a lowrider these days. Or maybe it’s NASCAR aerodynamics at play. Could it have to do with all the cameras and sensors we have to keep us in our lanes and from backing up over lurking alligators?

Ah hell, we’re almost out of time to gripe about it. Meet me here at halftime of the Super Bowl, would you?

car quote



  1. You’re a busy Coach Daddy this month Mate, doing the A-Z to challenge and keeping the blog going to. Stamina, that’s what you have stamina. I’m with you on technology, love it but does it have to have so many buttons?

    1. I hope that I can write and read more efficiently with the challenge, and free some time up for other things in life.

      Technology has so many buttons to baffle the old school, mate – and it’s working.

      1. Well you’re doing okay so far Mate. I do love technology but oh my when it doesn’t work. Grr.

  2. Halftime is still long enough for orange slices, right?

    I feel very old. You mentioned Pink Panther 2 and I immediately thought of Peter Sellars, not Steve Martin.

    1. I wish – I remember sending kids out for the second half with sticky fingers and faces. How about the fact that I let my kids watch Pink Panther 2?

      1. I wrote a post on here about how I never was able to control my bad language in front of the kidlet. Yeah, no judgment from me on movies you allow your kids to watch!

      2. Thing is, if you use bad language enough around the kidlet, they’ll have a smaller chance to latch onto the words because they won’t be any more special than others. Right?

        And I was pretty Archie Bunker in this post, using “Indian Style” and posting that video, but so far, no picketers.

  3. The low car thing is part of why I LOVE my truck so much – nothing low about it!!!
    I like the idea of a corner flag – sort of like a “time-out” spot or a place to not have eyes right on you!!!

    1. I don’t imagine many automobiles in Texas are very low to the ground! The corner flag is our refuge – and also a place to celebrate without the other team or the parents right on top of us.

  4. I’m sitting here, crossed-legged as I’m reading your post.

    Good things happen at the corner flag 🙂

    If I were French and had an accent like this when speaking English I’d not comment on little yellow friends and dumb blondes. Oh wait, I am a member of one category.

    PS: Colin likes that I’m doing the A-Z thing and asked today “so did you write about me?” Oohps!

    1. Cross-legged – I guess that would be more appropriate, right? How do you like the photo special effect of a corner flag Stormtrooper that Grace and I took?

      That video is pretty offensive, isn’t it?

      Just make it up to Colin when you get to the H for hockey!

      1. You did a great job including the corner flag’s shadow in the picture! And i don’t even know how you did the special effect. I think you and technology are better friends than you would admit. It’s all about pushing the right buttons I guess.

        Oh, H is for hockey, for sure!

      2. It took hours of lighting experiments and shutters speeds and everything. I was trying to be like Tamara Camera.

        I do try to push all the buttons in case one of them is right, Tamara!

        H for hockey and pictures of C on the ice with NHLers who like to hang out with him?

  5. I wish my car wasn’t so low. Any amount of snow (and there’s lots of it here in Canada) and my car is draggin’ bottom! Good call on the corner flag! Far enough away that the other team can’t hear your yet you still feel secluded.

    1. I wonder if the could make a car low for aerodynamics, but that you could push a button and make tall with snow tires when you need that more?

      The other day, I had to wait forever for a Corvette to drive over speed bumps. I guess when you own a Corvette, you really don’t care if you take a long time and everyone has to look at you.

      You’ve got it right on the corner flag, mate. Exactly the idea. We get away from a lot of the noise over there. I don’t do it as often as I should – but I will again next weekend for sure.

      Great to have you here. I’m following your blog and looking forward to checking out your words!

      1. Thanks! Great idea on the car. I bet a few well placed hydrolic lifts could solve that problem. I love coaching. I often gather the kids in the 18 yard box of the goal area… same idea.

  6. My car is 15 years old this year and even it seems close to the ground sometimes when I drive out of some shopping mall car parks (screeeeeech). Maybe Grace and my granddaughter Bella (she’s 13 now) should swap stories on soccer. I’m very proud to report she scored six goals last weekend. Her little brother’s team didn’t do so good…they lost 4:2.

    1. maybe cars are subject to gravity just as people are. Way to go, Bella. She and Grace could definitely swap stories, then go out back and fire shots at the beat-up wooden fence we put up for Marie to shoot on.

      Little brother will have better days. I love how the rest of the world documents scores 4:2 instead of 4-2 like we do.

      1. Actually, we do too. I just couldn’t remember which way we did it. Besides, mathematically, 4:2 is more correct..anyway, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it 😀

      2. Oh, unless of course we’re talking AFL (Aussie Rules Football) when the scores are documented this way… Sydney V Essendon 10.12.72 – 9.6.60.
        Which means Sydney Swans won 10 goals, 12 behinds which = 60 😀

      3. LOL there are 4 goal posts. Get the ball between the two middle ones and it’s a goal. Get it between posts 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 and it’s a behind. To my way of thinking it’s like saying, “Oh jolly good show; you almost got a goal that time so we’ll give you one point.” A goal is worth 6. So 10 goals = 60 and 6 behinds = 6 for a grand total of 66 🙂 LOL clear as mud right? I do love watching them play. When they take a mark (catch the ball) some players can leap 8-10 feet into the air. Hope this link works so you can see a couple of pics

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