👖 Go Ask Daddy about pants, word noises, and tropical storms


School. Remember it?

Feels like a far-off memory. And I’m not even talking about me. I’m the one who graduated during the Pliocene Era. I’m talking about our kids. They got out of school, then went on spring break (at home), and then learned they won’t be back until fall.

No more pencils, no more books …

Thing is, when you’re Coach Daddy, the learning don’t never quit. The questions keep rolling in. Most of these were from the past, picked from a list of about 200 at random. The most recent: the one about fried ice cream.

Now that I think of it, maybe that was a hint …

The first one was from the previous year. I’m sure EOG testing isn’t on my girls’ mind at this point. Their work is done and they’re working on their tans for the summer. What a strange school year this has been.

photo credit: Andrew At Work via photopin (license)

1. Do you think it’s dumb we can’t wear jeans to EOGs?

Shoot, I can’t even remember the last time I WORE jeans.

In an era in which a girl’s collarbone or spaghetti-strap top are considered “distractions” to boys, I can see how this could happen. Yes, it’s dumb. You should be able to be comfortable during a drawn-out testing procedure.

Even if a kid stretches the permission to wear jeans to involve skin-tight and ripped up pants, well, that’s on them – how comfortable can that be?

A kid in Florida – whose mom was the mayor of their town – was suspended for wearing ripped jeans to school. The reason: She needed to consider boys’ hormones when selecting her wardrobe. Seriously?

If I can work from home with a box of graham crackers sitting 10 feet away in the pantry, boys can take a test amid girls in blue jeans. Ripped or intact.

close up photo of ice cream dessert
Photo by Layyana Sheridean on Pexels.com

2. How do you fry ice cream?

Very carefully. Or, you take an easier way out. It’s tough to believe that some fried ice cream recipes involve actually frying ice cream. How is this even possible? Fried ice cream is one of those delicacies from a Mexican restaurant that white people love.

When I waited tables at a Mexican restaurant during college, people requested Mexican coffee quite often.

Know what is in Mexican coffee? A little cinnamon in the coffee grounds. That’s it. I’ve never tried it because I wasn’t into coffee then. But white folks raved over it. It felt so exotic to them, such a delightful taste from that cafe in Mazatlan …

Another funny thing – that delicious cheese in Mexican restaurant quesadillas is actually called White American.

It’s delicious, don’t get me wrong. Rather than tell you how to do something I’ve never done, I’ll defer to fellow blogger Jacklyn, who has a kickass recipe here. I’m totally going to try it. If you try it, let us know how it goes!

nature water eyes pond
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

3. Is onomatopoeia the same around the world?

A ribbit in Sacramento is a croac in Monterrey.

Onomatopoeia is the word interpretation of noises. The language we speak influences how we hear sounds, including animal sounds. It goes also for machine noises (beep, honk, vroom), impact sounds (boom, crash, whack), and voice (giggle, growl, shush).

I love onomatopoeia because it allows a writer to distinguish between a whimper and a growl.

There’s a ton of subtlety in what defines onomatopoeia. Ouch, for instance. It feels at first as if it should be, but it’s more of an interjection. In a literal sense, I like that there’s still a distinction between “ow” and “yowch!!”

One English-Spanish onomatopoeia I think says it all in both cases – eating something delicious (nyam nyam! In Spanish, yum yum! in English!)

teenage mutant ninja turtles
photo credit: JD Hancock Mutant Turtles Unite! via photopin (license)

4. If they’re turtles, why are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fast?

The very notion of mutant changes – according to comic books, anyway – give way to superhuman powers. I’ll assume superhuman equals super-turtle. Getting ripped, learning martial arts, and mastering surfer language apparently also come with the package.

If you didn’t know, Leonardo is the oldest of the four and the TMJT leader.

Speed isn’t all the turtles bring. Their semi-superhuman strengths include enhanced reflexes and durability. Those are also helpful for dads, by the way. No wonder I feel a kinship with them. Well, except the speed. Dads lose speed at an alarming pace with age.

To prove good can come from things that are gross – the turtles’ power came from an oozing stuff that Splinter, their adoptive father and fellow mutant, found them wallowing in.

Turtles don’t usually do all the cool things they do, and I don’t know if real turtles like pizza like the TMNT do. (Another trait I share with them.) But check out how this turtle can haul ass when he needs to.

eye of the storm image from outer space
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

5. Why are there so many hurricanes?

It’s not as easy as screaming CLIMATE CHANGE at the nearest conservative.

But where there’s warm ocean water, these are ideal conditions. Warm air holds in more water vapor than cool air. That’s the hurricane’s power source. With air temps on the rise since the 1970s, there’s also more water vapor out there.

2020 is an El Nino year, too – a climate condition that usually tamps down hurricane formation is on a weak cycle.

Hurricane season will begin June 1 and run through November 30. We haven’t seen one like the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900, which wreaked havoc on Texas but also terrorized as far north as Canada as remnants of the storm.

The first three storms of 2020 will be named Arthur, Bertha, and Cristobal. I wonder if Leonardo, Donatello, and Michaelangelo could whoop them.


Rachelle quote hurricane


  1. beth says:

    i can’t get past the ice cream. chi-chi’s?

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Yes! It’s been a while.

  2. Kathy G says:

    Now you have me craving Mexican coffee. I needed your inspiration yesterday for Cinco de Mayo.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I could have used a cup this morning, Kathy! You know, it’s not too late for residual Cinco de Mayo inspiration …

  3. Lauren Becker says:

    I never thought about the Ninja Turtle thing! LOL That’s a good one. And that story about the girl wearing ripped jeans is insane; let’s NOT let boy’s hormones be the reason we can and cannot do things. Sheesh.


    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Things the kids ask, Lauren! I’m too busy being impressed with their badassness. I’ve read some more on Medium about excuses for boys to act less-than-civil just because of what a girl wears. Seems preposterous to excuse behavior for that reason to me.

  4. Are we having more hurricanes? Are they bigger and stronger and more destructive? Or have we simply built up our coastlines with much more expensive stuff and so it seems the damages are costing more? All questions people have been asking, with no real answers.

    Great Go Ask Daddy, as usual.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      I’m not sure there are MORE hurricanes, or even stronger, but we pay them more attention, for sure. There’s definitely more for them to squish, and giving them names lends a bit of celebrity to them, too.

      It’s pretty fascinating to me. Thanks for being a fan of these posts, Mimi!

  5. Who knew turtles could haul ass like that? Wow!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      A motivated turtle is something to behold!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Hey, thanks. I do need to get to your blog soon. Now that the A to Z is done, I finally have a chance!

  6. Brandon says:

    That stormtrooper looks like it’s having a bad day 😀

    I love the theme of your photos, it adds personality to your blog.
    That is something you do very well, Eli.

    I love the variety each of your posts bring, the careful quotes and well-chosen images makes it all come alive.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Thanks, Brandon! I try to give something consistent on each post. The stormtrooper has a story, and the quotes are so much fun to pick.

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