Not a Guest Post, but 12 Smartphone Photos Instead, This Time

Stormtrooper kicking it at the Mall. - - EJP
Stormtrooper kicking it at the Mall. – – EJP

I’ve asked a few of my blogging friend (strange or otherwise) about writing guest posts on the CD.

Graciously, they’ve accepted. If I could catch up on email, maybe we could iron out the details. I will, someday soon. Until then … here’s a random sampling, once again, of the photos I manage to shoot from my $20 Android (on sale from $30).*

*-before my children can say, “dad, your phone sucks. I’ll take the picture and send it to you.” (Now, if I could get them to do that, but to wash my car instead.)

Enjoy the shots, and if you’re the prayin’ type, toss one in for ol’ Gabi. My faithful Grand-Am will be called upon today to make the first of many climbs up the mountains to get to Warren Wilson – this time to leave my biggest baby for the time being.

smartphone rainbow

Exhibit A of how my kids are right – my phone takes lousy photos. I probably had cheese remnants on the lens as I snapped this rainbow shot (squint and you can see it!) after getting my girls off to training somewhere.

smartphone plane

Each time I fly, I wish Grace could be there. Here’s my approach to Boston on a work trip. What a trip. I missed my flight because the airline wanted $180 more. I got it sorted, and missed all but the end of the meeting I went for.

smartphone boston

More Boston, and apologies for the fuzziness. This old building sat opposite my hotel. I imagined a kid opening a window on a hot summer evening, maybe even sneaking out to the landing to sit and watch the city below. I would have.

smartphone elise

Here’s the girl we’re moving into her new campus digs, maybe as you’re reading this. She’s reading her acceptance letter. Warren Wilson’s a perfect home for her. Her admissions advisor could be my favorite American this side of Hope Solo.

smartphone joker

I find some cool stuff on the disc golf course. The Joker lurked in a wooded area where I’d flung many a disc. He’s a squirt toy, which ranks as awesome. Maybe an awesome squirt toy in his prime. I just tried to fill him up, and he leaked all over my backpack.

smartphone egg

We tend not to waste much in my family. This egg met an untimely immovable force, and suffered fatal damage to the non-frontal lobe during Easter-egg painting. No matter. Marie slapped on the appropriate face and we appreciated him.

smartphone sisters

Graduation Day became noteworthy for many things, not the least of which the convergence of my three daughters, wearing dresses. Here are two. The other, probably, has found a tree to climb.

smartphone ace

I picked up my third ace on a chilly morning months ago. It came on a symbolic hole. It’s straightaway, not long, and I’ve come close before. It came as an important closure milestone for me. I stopped and shed a few before playing on.

smartphone grace

This sweet kid. Every year, I chaperone a trip uptown for a theater workshop. I get to see Grace perform, and have lunch with her and her friends in Romare Bearden Park. I took her picture here a year ago. We’ll find this tree again next spring.

smartphone fenway

I bought a single ticket to Fenway to watch the Sox and Indians. A gaggle of millennials sat behind me. I kept my eyes fixed on home plate. When you’re a 40-something dude at a baseball game on a Friday night by yourself, it’s best that way.

They carried on with millennial talk and drinks spilled and vague interest in the game. One lamented a birth control pill lost in her boyfriend’s gear stick (not a metaphor.) One tapped me on the shoulder and asked, “you think she’ll be okay without it?”

I gave an answer that made them laugh that only they and I will know, and suddenly, had fast friends at Fenway. Here’s the gang. I don’t know any of their names.

photos quote


  1. that’s my favorite one too, agree w mommasview. as for the fuzziness of some of your shots, i’d just tell people that it’s too high art for them to understand )

    1. Gabi chugged up the mountain. Elise chugged her way through two-a-day training! I think my face has to be in more photos for them to reach Gen X worthiness, Eric.

      I have often been considered the missing link, however.

      1. If your face is in more photos you’ll reach Millennial status. I tried out for university soccer as a walk on. Decided after 5 days I was willing to play at that competitive level. I kinda wish I would have stuck with it. Good for Elise! Nothing wrong with living vicariously.

      2. I try to keep my face *out* of as many photos as possible, mate. I feel like a walk-on in life – no scholarship, but I have a practice T-shirt and a bad attitude. Seven minutes into my girls’ athletics careers, they’d surpassed what dad had accomplished.

  2. I rather like your foggy rainbow pic — it definitely sets a certain kind of mood.
    hey hey Coach… looking good all smiley for them gals LOL. See, they know a good man when they are around one.
    Just popping in between vacations and laundry!! I swear I have not forgotten you — or my own blog for that matter. It’s just been a crazy go go go summer up here. I can’t remember a time when we had such consistent gorgeous weather. But now… up North where the bugs are big, the bears love campfires, and hopefully some fish are biting! 🙂

    1. It’s my post-impressionism period, Rore. Glad you liked it. I kinda took that picture to show that it actually happened. We had a good time for an inning or three.

      Good for you to check in … I was about to put dibs on that tub of poutine in the fridge.

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