ūüíĆ It’s Honest Day – but I Love the Way You Lie, in 6 Words

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc
photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

A lie’s sometimes tough to pick out.

(For instance, quick – find the Storm trooper above. See?)

Lies in this 6 Words post are easy to spot. In fact, I asked for them.

Today, you see, is Honesty Day. So in contrary observance, I asked strangers, friends, bloggers, and a few strange blogger friends to tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. Or, to quote modern British philosopher Phillip Collins:

It’s all been a pack of lies. (drum solo!)

Thank you so much for your deception, dishonesty, chicanery, fraud, trickery, bunk, crookedness, double-dealing, cunning, guile, fraudulence, rascality, and for your unscrupulous, swindling ways, all the live-long day.

photo credit: DFID - UK Department for International Development via photopin cc
photo credit: DFID – UK Department for International Development via photopin cc

1. I love to get travel vaccines.

Darley N., host of Equitrekking TV series

2. Getting mammograms is so much fun!

Rebecca G., author of Frugalista blog

3. Last cookie? I didn’t eat it!

Norine M., author of Science of Parenthood blog

4.¬†No really, there’s still life post-kids.

Meredith S., author of The Mom of the Year blog

5. Yay, kids missed the bus again!

Teri B., author of Snarkfest blog

6. Can smell lies like car farts.

Janine H., author of Confessions of a Mommyaholic blog

photo credit: meehanf via photopin cc
photo credit: meehanf via photopin cc

7.¬†I’d rather die than eat bacon.
Becca H., author It’s Yummi blog

8.¬†I can’t wait to go camping.

Andrea M., author of About 100% blog

9. Amazing how much I adore winter.

Tamara B., author of Tamara (Like) Camera blog

10. Exploding diapers inspire me to dance.

Kerri, author of Undiagnosed but OK blog

11. Sitting, relaxing, eating donuts  = happy place.

Allie B., author of Vitatrain 4 Life blog

12. He is perfect. I love him.   

Gabby C., author of Gabrielle Cosco blog

photo credit: Mrs Magic via photopin cc
photo credit: Mrs Magic via photopin cc

13. I hate the way chocolate tastes.

Robin, author of Masshole Mommy blog

14. Doing the laundry is super fun.

Amber, author of Airing my Dirty Laundry One Post at a Time blog

15. Politicians fight for the little guy!

Diane, author of Vintage Zest blog

16.¬†I believe women should not preach. ūüėČ

Jennifer L., author of That’s a Jenn Story blog

17.¬†I can’t find time to run.

Deb, author of Deb Runs blog

18. I love to balance my checkbook.

Michelle N., author of A Dish of Daily Life blog 

photo credit: Great Beyond via photopin cc
photo credit: Great Beyond via photopin cc

19. Leftover Easter candy has zero calories.

Rosey M., author of Mail 4 Rosey blog

20. I LOVE to clean my house.

Crystal O., author of Crystal O’Gorman Writes blog

21.¬†That’s an ice cr… broccoli truck!

Jean H., author of All the Everydays blog

22. I always listen to my husband.

Lauren T., author of Loving Marshall blog

23. no, i do not recall, exactly.

beth k., author of i didn’t have my glasses on … blog

24. Folding clean laundry makes me happy.

Caitlin H., author of Chasing Chels blog

photo credit: Finizio via photopin cc
photo credit: Finizio via photopin cc

25. I love my new dental surgeon.

Laurie S. author of The Adventure of Writing blog

26. I always look forward to Mondays.

Stacey N.

27. I love lunges, squats and burpees!

Leslie B., author of Time Out for Mom blog

28. Everyone in the world is bald. 

Jenna B., author of A Savory Feast blog

29. Long winter, no exercise, bikini ready.

Stephanie R., author of So I’ve Been Thinking … blog

30. This little piggy loves to eat pork.

Bacon T., author of Pig Love blog

photo credit: rusteford via photopin cc
photo credit: rusteford via photopin cc

31. I will only eat fried foods!

Sharareh D., author of One Girl, Many Plates blog

32. I could live without coffee forever.

Alison L., author of Writing, Wishing blog

33.¬†It’s fun being on a diet!

Nancy F., author of Skinny Kitchen blog

34. I find my career very fulfilling.

Sheena, author of Not a Punk Rocker blog

35. So sad Joffrey died on GOT.

Megan W., author of The Fireside Walker Chats blog

36. Five hours? More than enough sleep! 

Kim S., author of Co-Pilot Mom blog

photo credit: bertholf via photopin cc
photo credit: bertholf via photopin cc

37.¬†I’m going to start juicing tomorrow.

Shannon A., author of Radio Chick blog

38. I am already on my way. 

Vanessa A., author of Crayons in my Coffee blog

39.¬†I’ve never imagined stabbing a co-worker.

Arden R., author of Writing While Wineing blog

40. Toddlers are even cuter when sticky.

Greta F., author of G-funkifed blog

41. I am absolutely brilliant with mathematics.

Ashley S., author of Chaos and Words blog

42. Judgmental people are my favorite kind.

Sharon Z., author of Mommy Verbs blog

photo credit: ecastro via photopin cc
photo credit: ecastro via photopin cc

43. I would never correct your grammar.

Julia T., author of Diary of a Word Nerd blog

44. I am merely what people see.

Cheryl, author of Snaps of Ginger blog

45. Home renovations always go as planned.

Jamie, author of Rise.Run.Mom.Repeat blog

46. I really love to grade papers.

Clay W., author of Making the Days Count blog

47. Triathlon is truly an inexpensive hobby.

John N., co-author of Family Sport Life blog

48. Love you more than french fries.

Amy, author of Long Drive Journey blog

photo credit: Scott Robbin via photopin cc
photo credit: Scott Robbin via photopin cc

49. Your bald noggin makes me sweat.

Melissa B., author of Melissa Bond blog

50. Conquering laundry makes me insanely giddy.

Nicole G., author of Work in Sweats Mama blog

51. I enjoy going to college parties.

Erica, author of A Sign of Life blog

52. I love to clean up after baking.

Megan, author of The Emotional Baker blog

53. Hey – that’s WAY too much cheese.

Eli P., author of Coach Daddy blog

# # #

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc
photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc




  1. Caroline says:

    WHAT?! Easter candy has calories?!!???!! I thought eating all those cadbury eggs were part of the whole eating clean fad!!!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Not in Coach Daddy land. Know how my kid’s classroom is a nut-free zone? This place has been a calorie-free zone since the start.

      Cadbury eggs are dairy, I’m pretty sure.

  2. Tami says:

    First time here, Rosey sent me over. I love these six word stories. Is this a regular thing you do? Some of those ‘lies’ are quite funny. As a teacher, I can totally relate to number 46.

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      Tami – welcome! I always take Rosey’s recommendations. Glad you like this! I do them every month … drop me an email if you’d like to contribute next month! I thought you teachers lived for grading papers …

  3. claywatkins says:

    There is a time warp out there and I’m going to find it! When I do, I am gonna make a million….I saw, I read, and I rationalized – ‘I’ll write a thank you comment this evening’ …… and four days later I’m doing it… life gets in the way of good intentions – thanks for including me – I’ve been grading papers non-stop – because I LOVE grading papers…. it’s getting close to the end of the year and I need to capitalize on all of my time. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Eli Pacheco says:

      i’m afraid of the ways I’d abuse a time warp, Clay! the good thing is, these don’t have an expiration date. Great to hear from you friend.

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