What month we’d phase out, in 6 words

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This month, we’re editing months.

GAD GRAPHICWhich makes no sense, if you could see my life right now – such a busy time of year! Life entails zero time to do things I love – namely, converse with my blogging friends and eat enchiladas. I even had to alter my procedure for Six Words to get enough entries this month. Christmas break should change that.

Normally, I invite people by email after I’ve visited their blog – or answer email sent to me asking for the prompt.

This month, I read fewer blogs than I could eat enchiladas. So I sent out word by social media. The response was strong! Once a month, as you know, I ask strangers, friends, bloggers, and strange blogger friends to respond to a prompt in six words.

Ernest Hemingway inspired it when he said you could tell any story in six words.

The prompt this time: If you had to take one month off the calendar, which one would it be? Why? Unofficially, February took a beating. So what say you? Which month would you chop from the calendar?

Hanging on to summer
photo credit: kennymatic via photopin cc

1. August, because hundred degree summers suck.

Jessica B., of Love You More Too

2. March: Let it be spring already.

Kristen D., of Just Kristen

3. February, because Valentine’s Day seriously stinks.

Rebecca L., of Rebecca Lemke

4. December, I am the Grinch, humbug!

Tessa, of Tessa Can Do it! Positivity is Catching!

5. March makes winter too long. Sigh.

Ashley, of Happy.Pretty.Sweet.

6. February: So short, dreary, and sad.

Corey W., of Nostalgia Diaries

summer hot
photo credit: Riccardo Palazzani – Italy Summer sunrise via photopin (license)

7. August can go – it’s too hot!

Mimi, of Messy Mimi’s Meanderings

8. Goodbye July, you’re far too stifling!

Annie, of McGuffy’s Reader

9. February–it’s stupid, short, and cold 🙂

Charlotte K., of My Pixie Blog


10. January – winter is FAR too long.

Lizzie L., of Considerings

11. February, WHY is everything so gray?

Jamie D., of Stretching the Comfort Zone

12. February. Not enough warm temps daily.

Karin E.

sleep training
photo credit: Baby gorilla sleeping via photopin (license)

13. February, I only want to sleep.

Elizabeth S.

14. February. Sludge and dirty snow, blow.

Karen K.

15. November. Not a fan of fog.

Tamara G., of Part-time Working Hockey Mom

16. March is cold, muddy and useless.

Victoria F., of Victoria Fedden

17. February – I am waiting for spring.

Dawn M.

18. August – ridiculously hot before autumn perfection.

Kris B.

photo credit: Adam Brown! via photopin cc

19. August – I’d rather not burn alive.

Eric S.

20. None. I find them all special.

Daphne B.

21. February is blah – needs to go!

Alexa R.

22. No holidays. Just cold. That’s February.

Julie B., of Bug Bytes

23. March – waiting for brighter days coming.

Rhea M., of Life is Messy, Life is Marvelous

24. April. Bring on summertime! I’m impatient.

Nina B.

february snow boat
25. February has wrong number of days.

Lisa L., of The Meaning of Me

26. January tastes like sad carrot sticks.

Alison T., of Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops

27. October, that way I’d never age.

Susan Z., of A Little Bit of Poetry

28. January. No CC bill from Christmas!

Beth T., of Beth Teliho

29. December, brings way too many expectations.

Sarina S.

30. September’s hurricane mosquitos were the largest.

Julie H., @juliemashaney

oppressive heat thermometer summer
photo credit: FolsomNatural ODCheatOn via photopin (license)

31. Farewell August and your oppressive heat.

Christine, @sickchristine

32. The month of February – inexplicable sadness.

Charlotte, @mypixieblog


33. January – freezing the whole month, ugh!

Lauren S., @laurensmith131

34. Add one and make it awesome.

Laurie S., @laurie7521

35. March, which is mostly rainy, cold.

Melissa B., @themelzone

36. November, the month my dad died.

Lindsay, of @theflynnigans6288

cold dark january trees frost

37. January. Long, cold, dark, holidayless month.

Eric W., @stomperdad

38. February, because it is short anyways.

Debi, @debimann

39. August, to keep my babies young.

Gina V., @ginavalley

40. February is for lovers … and candy.

Lindsay B.

41. March. My school does March Sadness.

Eli P., of Coach Daddy

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  1. Oh shoot, I thought I emailed you my response for this month but maybe I missed it somehow! I’m with the folks who’d cut January or February. Too cold. Days are so long. Sorry things have been so crazy for you lately my friend! And please send me the new six words prompt when you have it 🙂

    1. Nuts and bolts, Beth! I can’t find it. Resend it, and I’ll add it to the file for posterity and the national library of congress. I will send you the next prompt, for sure.

  2. i love #26 the best, and i would get rid of the last half of january and first half of february. does it count if i use 2 halves? it is the gray, bleak part of winter when i feel like the green and the warmth will never return –

    1. Thanks, Lauren. People were harsh on the harsh months, weren’t they? November’s loaded with birthdays for us, so I gotta keep that one. And October means barbecue here!

  3. HIIIII ELI!!!

    I loved reading all of these. But dayum! You are not kidding… February really did take a beating in your poll. Though I certainly contributed to that one 🙂 It is a time of year when I dream of warm beaches and cocktails and sunbathing and toes in the sand. I should really book a vacation now that I think of it, eh?

    Also this answer made me laugh out loud: January tastes like sad carrot sticks.

    BRILLIANT. Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!! XOXO

    1. Charlotte! Great to see you. No one took shots at May or June, I don’t think. Without the Februarys of the calendar, we can’t appreciate the Novembers, can we?

      Sad carrot sticks. Who wants that? Happy ones taste so much better.

      Happy thanksgiving to you too, my dear.

  4. Reblogged this on All In A Dad's Work and commented:
    Eli, the Coach Daddy, wanted to cross a month off the calendar, but he wasn’t sure which one. So he asked his strange blogger friends which month they would erase and why. With just six words, we told him…

  5. Haha, those were fun… well, definitely not March (it’s my birthday month!) … but I’d be ok without February I guess. It’s a short month anyways 😉

  6. Oooh I’ve not come across this series – what a fab idea! I think March would be my choice – I need February half term to look forward to once Christmas is over!

    Anyway, congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂 #blogcrush

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